We want everything Baby Yoda right now, just for the cute factor. Backpacks, toys, waffle makers, everything is just cuter when there is a Baby Yoda on it, and that includes this absolutely adorable Baby Yoda bedding.

Baby Yoda Bedding Set
Courtesy of shopDisney

Everyone knows the star of Disney +’s Mandalorian is not actually the Mandalorian, but his sidekick, “The Child”. And now, your child can have the sweetest dreams with bedding featuring Baby Yoda all over it.

Courtesy of shopDisney

The twin bedding from shopDisney is definitely the stuff sweet dreams are made of. Designed with your precious cargo in mind, it is even labeled as “precious cargo” in the pattern.

Courtesy of shopDisney

The bedding set includes:

  • A reversible comforter, with three large Baby Yoda designs printed on one side and a repeating Star Wars logo on the other, including Baby Yoda sitting in his pod
  • A flat sheet, with pictures of Baby Yoda and the phrase “Precious Cargo”
  • A matching fitted sheet, also with Baby Yoda and Precious Cargo
  • A pillowcase with Baby Yoda’s face on one side and floating in his pod on the other
Courtesy of shopDisney

The entire Baby Yoda bedding set is available on shopDisney for $69.99. Currently, the Mandalorian’s The Child bedding is only available for twin size beds, but we are definitely hoping it will be available in other sizes in the future.

Baby Yoda Bedding
Courtesy of shopDisney

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