Whether you are decorating a nursery or catering to your child’s interests, decorating a child’s room is so much fun. In fact, I think it’s one of the funnest things about having kids.

Bedrooms for kids - themed LEGO bedroom showing a platform with bed, LEGO pillows rug and colorful minifigure mural in childrens room - Kids Activities Blog
Kids Lego Themed Room
Credit: MumJunkie

With that being said, if you are looking for some inspiration when it comes to a kids themed bedroom, look no further.

I’ve found some of the most incredible kids themed bedrooms around and I am sharing them with you today.


The Most Incredible Kids Themed Bedrooms

1. Harry Potter Theme Room

Bedrooms for kids - Harry Potter themed bedroom for children with Harry Potter mural, color scheme consistent with Harry Potter and coat hook with Harry Potter clothes
Credit: MumJunkie

Calling all Muggles! This Harry Potter themed bedroom brings the magic to your child’s sleeping quarters.

I love the simple yet elegant details and it’s certainly more “grown up” for the bigger kids.

2. Disney’s 101 Dalmatians Theme Room for Kids

Bedrooms for kids - 101 Dalmatians themed bedroom for kids - twin beds with white and black spot coverlets, wall paper with dalmatian spots and lots and lots of dog spots
Credit: MumJunkie

Whether you are a Disney fan or dog lover, this 101 Dalmatians themed room is adorable.

I love all the spots on the walls and it’s perfect for twins or kids who share a bedroom.

3. Disney’s Frozen Themed Room for Kids

Bedrooms for kids - Frozen themed childrens bedroom with Frozen mural, cut outs of Frozen characters and a pink tree with white lights
Credit: MumJunkie

Let it go…Let it go…

Your little princess is going to love this Frozen themed room. I love the bright colors and the “cool” feeling of the room.

4. Disney’s Toy Story Theme Room

Bedrooms for kids - Toy Story themed bedroom for children built with Tinker toys and a slinky slide
Credit: MumJunkie

This room captures all the elements of Toy Store and makes me want to sing, “You’ve got a friend in me”…

5. Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Room

Bedrooms for kids - Pirates of the Caribbean room with pirate ship bed and mural on wall
Credit: MumJunkie

Your kids will be ready to sail off into dreamland with this amazingly cool Pirates of The Caribbean room.

6. Star Wars Theme Room for Kids

Bedrooms for kids - Star Wars themed bedroom for kids with Star Wars mural on wall and AT-At over bed with second bunk
Credit: MumJunkie

The force is strong with these Star Wars themed rooms. The AT-AT is super cool over the bed and I love this TIE Fighter bed too.

Bedrooms for kids - Star Wars themed bedroom for kids with Star Wars mural on wall and tie fighter bed
Credit: MumJunkie

7. Monsters Inc Theme Room

Bedrooms for kids - Monsters Inc themed bedroom for children with entrance to Monsters University mural
Credit: MumJunkie

Okay, so one of my FAVORITE kids movies is Monsters Inc. and I am loving this Monsters University themed room and bathroom. So cute!

8. Finding Nemo Theme Room

Bedrooms for kids - Finding Nemo themed bedroom for kids with sea mural, sea turtle bed and general ocean theme
Credit: MumJunkie

Duuuuuddeeeee…. This Finding Nemo Room is incredible. That wall mural and turtle bed is ADORABLE. Plus, it’s a daily reminder to just keep swimming…

9. Rapunzel Theme Room Perfect for a Princess

Bedrooms for kids - Rapunzel themed bedroom for kids with castle bed and spiral staircase
Credit: MumJunkie

This Rapunzel themed room is perfect for the little princess in your life.

10. Batman Theme Room I Want.

Bedrooms for kids - Batman themed room for adults, but the theme is great inspiration for children's rooms
Credit: MumJunkie

I am not going to lie, this Batman bedroom is more of a Bat Cave for adults but it is still super cool!

More Rooms For Kids & Creative Spaces

So, which kids themed room is your favorite?

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