The best thing that came out of 2019? It has to be Baby Yoda!

Yes, we know officially he is not really the actual Yoda as a baby and that he is referred as “The Child” in Disney+’s The Mandalorian, but none of that matters too much because he is extra cute and we just want everything with a Baby Yoda on it!

Disney played it cool before The Child’s reveal which made Baby Yoda merchandise hard to find before Christmas. Now, there’s much more Baby Yoda you can buy, including this awesome new Baby Yoda set from Costco.

For just $19.99, if you can find it, you can own your very own Baby Yoda to play with and recreate all your favorite Mandalorian scenes. The Costco set comes with a Baby Yoda figure, a Mandalorian necklace, a silver ball, a frog, and a broth bowl.

Under the circumstances, everyone needs a Baby Yoda in their life to take on adventures with them. And this one is even better as you don’t need live frogs to keep him fed.

Like most Baby Yoda items, we’re sure this set is going to be super popular, so you might want to make a trek to Costco soon to see if you can find one of your own.

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