This DIY Skeleton X-ray costume is easy to make! Sometimes Halloween sneaks up on you and you need an easy last-minute Halloween costume for kids and this DIY kids skeleton costume is the perfect costume.

DIY X-Ray Skeleton Costume is super easy to make. As you can see a child is earing a box painted black with a bone spine, ribs, and pelvis painted on it in white.
This kids skeleton costume is super cute and easy to make.

Homemade Kids Skeleton Costume

Simply Cute and Easy Halloween Costume For Kids

This x-rays kids skeleton costume is so easy to make which is perfect when you’re running low on time and on a budget. You will probably have quite a bit of the materials at home already! This skeleton costume is:

  • Made with budget-friendly craft supplies.
  • Made from recycled boxes.
  • Perfect for kids of all ages or adults.
  • Super easy to make.

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How To Make This Homemade X-Ray Skeleton Costume

My son is all about skeletons this year, so making this costume was an exciting time for him.

Supplies Needed

Boxes for the homemade skeleton X-ray Halloween Costume- kids activities blog
Any boxes will work for this super cute and super easy homemade skeleton x-ray Halloween costume.

Directions To Make This Kids Skeleton Costume

  1. First, you’ll need to paint the outside of your box black. This is what gives your boxtume the x-ray effect.
  2. Then, print our X-Ray Skeleton Costume printable on the white cardstock. Cut out each piece, then use the decoupage to adhere the skeleton to the front of the box. Coat in a thin layer of decoupage to protect the design.
  3. Once the decoupage has dried, use the box cutter to cut holes in the top and bottom of the box, leave a two-inch border around each hole. Finally, add holes to the sides of the box for your child to place their arms through.

Now your X-Ray Skeleton is ready for action!

kids skeleton costume that is a black painted box with white painted spine, ribs, and pelvis.
This is one of the cutest costumes that takes very little time.

Finished Skeleton Halloween Costume

Yay! You’ve finished your skeleton x-ray costume for Halloween! How cute and creative!

Our Experience Making Our Skeleton Halloween Costume

I will admit, I do a lot of online shopping. So that means we have a lot of boxes to recycle, so I was like…. why no use these boxes for Halloween!?

With just a few other simple craft supplies, we had simple, creative costume that my son was excited to show off to his friends.

This Kids Skeleton Costume is so cute and easy, the child is standing in black clothing, and a black box with white spines, ribs, and pelvis on it.
I love how the bones of this homemade kids skeleton costume stands out.

The best part about this X-Ray Skeleton costume is that you probably already have everything you need to make it at home.

Since our boxtume was for an older kid this year, we used a larger box.

My son has had so much fun using the rest of our boxes to make unique Halloween decorations for our home.


How did your homemade box Skeleton x-ray costume turn out? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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