Way to go Target! They always seem to be the pioneers in making products that are inclusive of everywhere and it’s just one more reason to love them!

Target Has Released Backpacks For Kids and Adults In Wheelchairs and honestly, it’s about time a large retailer did!

As you might remember, a few years ago, Target released their Adaptive Halloween Costumes which are costumes made to fit those in wheelchairs.

And now, they’ve expanded that light to other necessities such as backpacks.

The adaptive backpacks feature adjustable handle straps and bag hooks for easy mounting on wheelchairs, plus full-zip, gusseted opening for easy access.

There are also plenty of zippered interior & exterior pockets, access ports for tubes and cables, and a laptop sleeve.

The kids adaptive backpacks begin at $19.99 and the adult adaptive backpacks begin at $39.99.

You can save an additional 5% with your Target RedCard. Plus, these backpacks come in many different colors and designs.

You can shop the Adaptive Backpacks on Target’s website here.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing accessible backpack, but I couldn’t find them after clicking the link either. Are they available to purchase yet?

  2. Oooh….I see…you’re filtering out comments. ? So now I know, the comments I read from your site are all sifted through first. Not really accurate. Lol. Ok.

    1. Hi! No, we do not filter comments. I did respond to your first comment. Perhaps you didn’t see it? I had said that you brought up some really good points, and I would recommend contacting Target directly if I were you, so that they can hear your good suggestions and apply it to any future designs. Here is their site: https://www.target.com/

  3. This is a stupid design. So you changed a few straps and call it “adaptive?” It’s still on the back of the chair! How are the supposed to get their things unassisted?!! I have a son in a wheelchair and I’m here to tell you, you didn’t understand the assignment. Total fail. And $40?!! totally taking advantage of the handicapped. SMH

  4. This is great and only$40! I spent $100 on A northface backpack for my son’s wheelchair. It was slim enough to fit between his wheels but had enough room for all his things.

  5. It’s so crazy,my daughter and I was just looking into getting something to put on my granddaughter’s wheelchair because going out with her and needing to take all her stuff was a bit out there. Way to go @target.

  6. Anyone complaining about the prices has obviously never had to pay $60 on a basic feeding backpack on Etsy. These are AMAZING for the price.

  7. I tried the link and a search but all the backpacks that come up are standard not adaptive. Perhaps this blog was posted before they are online. I wanted to buy one for my mom and luckily I looked more closely before purchasing.

  8. Yeah, charge $40 for an adult. That is crazy. That’s not being inclusive, it’s just greed. Way to go Target.