Have you ever wondered what a real-life underwater volcano lair looks like? Well, this seems to be it. That’s really the only explanation I have for this video.

I mean, when scientists discover something like an underwater volcano, the first thing I wonder is where is the submarine that’s holding all the bad guys.

But when scientists discover sharks LIVING in the underwater volcano lair, well, there is zero doubt that someone is up to something truly bad.

I’m not sure if it’s Dr. Evil or Dr. No, or Dr. Strange, but whichever bad guy evil genius it is, you’ve got to know this is his hideout. Seriously, take a look.

Sure, sure, you can try to convince me that this is just nature. And that while nature is truly metal sometimes. This isn’t all that out there, but I call balderdash to that. Balderdash. If there aren’t actual bad guys hatching plots to blow-up the moon down there, then I don’t know what to believe in anymore.

Truly, though, is there anything cooler than an underground volcano with it’s own legion of sharks? Yeah, no, there isn’t.

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