This week our kids really wanted to make a Shark Teeth Necklace and while we didn’t have any actual shark teeth lying around, we came up with an easy craft idea that looked great and our kids enjoyed making.  a kid wearing a black shirt with a shark necklace around his neck This necklace shows off those sharp shark teeth without having to get up close and personal with a real shark. It requires just about 10 minutes of time and is the perfect craft for celebrating Shark Week and can double as a craft for a shark themed party.
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What You’ll Need to Make a Shark Teeth Necklace:

a shark teeth necklace on a blue table

How to Make a Shark Teeth Necklace:

Making this shark tooth necklace was quick and easy! I saved a lot of time and a trip to the craft store by ordering what I needed from Amazon Prime! It gave me the time to really focus on making this a fun craft for my kids. I know I’m at my best as a mom when I’m not stressed. You can try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days with our special offer! Click here!

The first thing we are going to is cut out the shark teeth. Start by taking your white foam paper and draw some sharp teeth using a pencil.

Remember shark teeth come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Use the video we made or find images as a reference so that your teeth look accurate and scary like real shark teeth!

It’s up to you what kind of teeth and how many you want to make, just make sure they are large enough to punch two holes into each tooth. When you’re done drawing your teeth, cut them out carefully with scissors. A simple trick is to draw a tooth then fold the foam paper over and cut it out. This way you get twice as many teeth cut out!

Now that all your shark teeth are cut out, use a hole puncher to punch two holes in the base of each tooth (the opposite of the pointy end of the tooth).

Next, take your yarn and cut a piece about two feet long. Take the end of your yarn and string each tooth on using the holes we punched.

When all teeth are on the yarn tie the two ends of the yarn together to make a necklace.

Now you have an awesome shark tooth necklace to show off to all your friends!

upclose of shark teeth necklace

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