We are a game family.  We are also a Lego family.   Hmmm… how about we combine the two?  That is how our little family Lego Challenge was born.   The point of the “game” is to draw cards with a specific task – ex: use only the small lego blocks or make something you can wear.   Then you can race or compare finished creations at the end of a time period.

homemade game legos

After brainstorming a few challenge ideas with M and M, I made Challenge Cards on the computer.  (Grab a copy by clicking on Challenge Cards.)  I let Big M cut our Challenge Cards.

The idea is simple, and so are the rules.

1.  Pick a Challenge Card. 2.  Complete the challenge.  YAHOO! 3.  Make it a  competitive  game and compete to have a winner.  Or  make it a  competition against yourself and work on completing the challenge.  Or make it a cooperative game and have all players working on the same piece. 4.  Play by yourself or with a group.

We folded up the cards and tossed them into a hat.  We took turns picking a challenge without looking.

Big M may have peaked… but I pretended I didn’t notice.

We pulled Occupation Scene.  No surprise that Big M went for a crane.  Most of his creations have wheels.  I love the alligator farm made by a neighbor friend who stopped by for a quick game.  I contributed a fireman putting out a fire.

The 3 Minute Timer challenge yielded unfinished creations, but it sure was fun to race against the clock!

So what’s the best part of the family Lego Challenge?  All the learning that goes on while the kids are having a blast.

Oh look at those fine motor muscles working!

When the challenge Use 50 Pieces was drawn we practiced sorting and counting by 10.

Of course reading the Challenge Cards as well!

For more Lego  ideas, check out the blog, A Mom with a Lesson Plan.   It is filled with lots of games and ideas of how you can learn with your kids.   Written by Jillian, a stay at home mom who loves to learn…and teach. She started AMomWithALessonPlan.com to share some of the ideas that she enjoys with her kids. She wants Moms  [and Dads]  to know that adding a little learning to playtime is fun and easy.   Thanks Jillian for guest posting today!

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  1. We homeschool and I can’t wait to add this to our collection of games…thanks!!

  2. found this on pintrest – will try this with the tonnes of Lego at my parents’ house 🙂

  3. found this on pintrest – will try this with the tonnes of Lego at my parents’ house 🙂

  4. Another great Lego idea, Jill! This one is great for when you need a boost of creativity or just something new to do with Legos. 🙂

    1. That is an awesome idea! I bet the challenge would inspire quite a bit of independent play as well!

  5. Definitely combine the two! That’s a great idea. I’ve pinned this and can see a lot of Lego challenges in our future. Thank you for sharing such a marvelous idea!

    1. Thank you!!! (and thanks for pinning also!) I hope your Lego Challenges are just as fun as ours have been!

  6. I used to play games similar to this with my before and after school group – it was a great way to get everyone working together and having fun!
    I want to share your post – it’s great for others to try!