Looking for some math games with shapes? We got you! This math game with shapes is great for kids of all ages, particularly toddlers and preschoolers. Though kindergarteners can benefit from this math game with shapes. This shape game is perfect whether you’re at home or in the classroom.

Math Game: Geometric Shapes {Hands On Math}- white background with wooden blocks- kids activities blog
Learn math as well as shapes with this math game!

Math Games With Shapes

Here’s a great math game to help your child have fun while learning. Blocks in geometric shapes can make a great learning tool, especially when a mystery bag is involved.

Read on and you’ll see why Kids Activities Blog thinks little kids will just love this hands on math game.

Supplies Needed To Play This Math Game With Shapes

Math games with shapes- child with hands in a cloth bag- kids activities blog
Let’s learn about colors, shapes, and math!

How To Play This Math Game With Shapes

Step 1

For this activity, all you need are some building blocks and a small bag.

Step 2

Choose blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Step 3

Begin by showing your child all of the blocks.

Step 4

Let your child hold them. Talk about their size, whether they are pointed (such as a pyramid), round (such as a sphere or cylinder) or straight (rectangles and squares).

Step 5

Make observations about any blocks that might be similar but not exactly the same such as the large and small triangle in the set of blocks pictured above.

Step 6

Ask your child questions about the shapes and have them describe the shapes in their own words.

Step 7

After examining the blocks, place them inside the bag. Ask your child to close their eyes or turn their head so they cannot see the bag, and then dip their hand into the bag.

Step 8

Ask your child to retrieve a particular block. The child then needs to search through the bag using only their sense of touch to find the block that you have requested.

Geometric shapes for kids math games- child putting hand in cloth bag with colorful blocks- kids activities blog
We also have other options when it comes to this math game with shapes!

Another Way TO Play This Hands on Math Games With Shapes For Kids

Another way to play is for your child to retrieve a random block from the bag and, keeping their eyes closed, they need to guess which block they have pulled from the bag.

This game can also be adapted for different ages and skill sets simply by changing the shapes of the blocks that are use and the number of blocks that are included in the bag.

Instead of asking for a particular block to be retrieved, try asking for a round shape, or a pointed shape.

For another spatial awareness activity, ask your child to sort the blocks according to size.

Math Games and Geometric Shapes

Children learn so much through sensory play and tactile exploration. The hands on exploration in this mystery bag game is a wonderful way to teach spacial awareness through a fun math game. It also introduces basic concepts in geometry and size.

More Math And Shape Games From Kids Activities Blog

What is your child’s favorite math game? How are they learning about geometrical shapes? For more mathematically brilliant kids activities (that are actually fun too), take a look at these ideas:

Did your little one have fun with these math games with shapes? How well did they do at learning shapes?

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