My kids are “cool” and I love math.   It is fun to shake things up a bit and play some online cool math games!   Even better, all of these sites offer free access so you’re not committed to buying something your child may only play a few times. a collection of cool math games for kids We use online math games as review work, & often as a reward.   When my son completes his assignment, he can choose a game or two to play on the computer.   I can’t say no to that…he’s having fun and learning.   That’s a double bonus in my book. Related: 21 Cool Math Games For Kids   This site is one of my son’s favorites!   There are a variety of game choices such as Granny Prix (wheelchair races with Granny anyone?), Pumpkin Patch (grow pumpkins by answering multiplication problems & see how many happy customers you can get), and Cone Crazy  (serve up some yummy ice cream to your customers as you answer multiplication questions).     What I really like about is that you can choose the level of difficulty for each game.   Some games even let you focus on one particular number (such as all the factors of 9).     This website is one we return to over and over again for fun practice.
::Interactive Decimal Games   This is a new site to us, but there are some wonderful, easy review games here.   Concepts as simple as identifying place value (tenths, hundreths, etc), all the way up to adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing with decimals and figuring decimals based on percentages!   My son’s favorite game for simple identification practice is Decimal Ships.   The more questions you answer correctly, the more boats you launch across the bay.   It has really helped him understand place value to the right of the decimal.
::Virtual Manipulatives  This nifty website is useful for PreK-Middle School aged children…I love it when a website can serve so many needs!   This site is perfect for home use, because you can practice math skills with manipulatives but you don’t have to spend a small fortune purchasing all of them!   First you choose the grade level you want, then the other two drop down menus give you Backgrounds/Workmats & Manipulative choices.   In the photo above, we created a word problem for a Kindergarten student, and obviously for older grades, the options go into much more depth.
::Arcademic Skill Builders This is another site with simple, fun games for children of various levels.   They recreate the fun of an arcade game, and allow your children to practice important “quick thinking” math skills at the same time.   I like using this site for a quick review because the games are short but target whatever skill I’m looking for at that time.
::Lemonade Stand This virtual lemonade stand offers plenty of opportunities to make choices!   The player starts with a set amount of money, and then decides how to spend it on lemons, cups, ice, and sugar.   The player sets the price per cup, and at the end of each “day”, you find out how many cups you sold and how much you earned.   You also learn what supplies need to be restocked (all your ice melted!) before the next day.   The customers that pass by provide feedback such as “Yum!” or “Too warm!” or the ever popular “Too expensive!”   Your child has to make choices about how to please those customers, yet still keep some of their money for the next day.   I have to admit, I even enjoy this simple little game! Cool math game using a flyswatter
Perhaps the next time your child needs to review math facts or concepts, you can incorporate some fun along the way!   Do you know of any other fun free math websites for children?   We’d love to know! More Fun Games and Activities From Kids Activities Blog Have you seen these zoom activities for kids.

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