Vroom! Crash! Painting with Monster Trucks – Simple Art Project for Preschool

Let’s paint with monster truck toys today! This simple preschool art project works well for younger artists and is perfect for the toy car and truck lover. Use favorite toys to make modern art and then follow it up with a monster truck car wash! This preschool painting idea works well at home or in the classroom.

Painting with Monster Trucks preschool art activity for kids - monster truck shown with painted black tire tracks and Kids Activities Blog logo
Let’s paint with monster trucks!

Monster Truck Painting

Monster trucks are all the rage at our house and have been for quite a while.   Recently, my son Bear {4 yrs} and I created a fun new game called Monster Truck Bowling.  

It was a huge hit!  So I expanded on this success with math and messy art activities.

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How to Paint Using Toy Trucks

Supplies Needed for Monter Truck Painting Idea

Directions to Paint with Trucks

Steps to creating a monster truck painting activity at home with preschool age children using acrylic paint, white craft paper rolls and monster truck toys
Grab your cars & trucks and let’s paint!

Step 1

Prepare the area by covering all the floor surfaces with a drop cloth. This gets messy so we recommend starting in an area with solid surface flooring like tile or linoleum.

  • Tape down the drop cloth or protective covering.
  • I covered the floor with a plastic shower curtain, securing it with painter’s tape.

Step 2

We got a super-long piece of paper from our easel and stretched it across the kitchen floor and up the oven door (I covered the oven with plastic as well to prepare for this).

Step 3 

We put some paint in shallow bowls and ran the truck tires through the paint in the bowls. Large plastic lids would work for this as well allowing the tires to roll through the paint.

Step 4

We began racing the monster trucks.   If we shoved them down the paper fast enough, they’d hit the stove front and flip over.  

Bear seemed to really enjoy the boisterous messiness of it.  

Painting with Monster Trucks preschool art activity for kids - finished art project shown with child
Painting with monster trucks is so much fun!

Clean Up Car Wash Activity

After he was done painting, I created a monster truck car wash in a large bowl of soapy water in the sink by dropping a few drops of dish soap into warm water.  

We had fun getting dirty and fun getting clean!

Adding Math to this Preschool Art Activity

We have expanded this preschool art project to include some math basics because it is natural to add a little counting into this painting activity!

Prior to beginning the main activity, Bear chose a card out of the pile containing all the numbers 1-10.   Then he practiced counting out the appropriate number of monster trucks.  

After he did all that, we moved onto the main addition activity.

monster trucks math with numbers written on cards and plus sign.
Let’s add some math to our monster truck painting activity!

Monster Truck Math Basics

  1. Use 2 sets of cards for the numbers 1-5 and a plus sign.   {Higher numbers could be used for more advanced learners}.
  2. Tape down the plus so it didn’t get moved around.
  3. Draw 2 cards from the stack and placed them on each side of the plus sign.
  4. Count out the appropriate number of trucks for each number.
  5. To illustrate the concept of adding numbers together, crash them together into a big pile.
  6. Count how many monster trucks there are after adding the numbers together.
monster truck and cars smashed together for math preschool activity
Crashing the cars together emphasizes the power of math addition!

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How did your monster truck painting go? Was the preschool art project your favorite or the monster truck car wash clean up?


  1. That is a lot of monster truck fun!! I love it all, but I’m thinking that the art will go over big here. I can’t wait to break out the trucks and the paint! Great post!

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