Johnny Was is known for its beautiful artistic styles, including bohemian-inspired dresses, tops, jewelry, accessories, and more. But now the designer is switching things up and making some absolutely stunning masks. Just wait until you see these designs!

Johnny Was is making gorgeous masks in a variety of boho and vintage styles. Source: Johnny Was

More Reasons to Love Johnny Was Mask Designs

The Johnny Was mask designs are also in their beautiful boho and vintage styles. So not only do they offer protection from germs, but they’re also a fun, fashion statement.

Source: Johnny Was

Yeah, I’m going to need a few so I can coordinate with the rest of my outfit. It’s a good thing they come in a packs of five. If you really want a lot, they even have an option for a pack of 50!

The sig-nature print is bold and beautiful with floral designs. For a more neutral look, opt for the Johnny Was Neutral print pack instead.

Source: Johnny Was

All the Johnny Was masks are made from repurposed fabrics. Although they are non-medical grade, they do have a pleated silhouette as well as interior pocket so that you can add a filter, if you’d like.

Johnny Was is not only making masks and selling them to consumers, but they’ve also made a promise: to donate more than 100,000 masks to Los Angeles hospitals and charities. How will they reach this goal? For every mask pack sold, they’ll donate a pack to their local community.

A set of five masks are currently $25, while a pack of 50 is available for $250.

While you’re waiting for your mask, and if you already have a Johnny Was scarf, they have a great video tutorial on how to wear their silk scarves as face coverings. And at the time of this writing, the scarves are 50% off!

Source: Johnny Was


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