Here’s A List of Ways To Make A Homemade Bidet

While the entire world seems to be in pure panic over the toilet paper shortage, I have been enjoying living the dream at home. Why? Because I have a bidet.

If you haven’t tried a bidet yet, trust me, you will never go back to traditional toilet paper (unless you’re forced to).

While you can certainly buy a bidet online (I highly recommend the Toto Washlet) but I’ve noticed now that everyone knows this little secret, bidets are selling out fast. They are basically becoming the new toilet paper.

But not to worry! We’ve gathered tons of ways you can make a Homemade Bidet and I am pretty sure we just became best friends! Ha. 

Here’s A List of Ways To Make A Homemade Bidet

For starters, you can simply transform your current toilet into a bidet using a hand-held bidet sprayer. Looks like something you’d use in a kitchen sink but it’ll do the job. You can watch how to make it below.

Next, you can make one out of a good old fashioned, soda bottle. Yes, recycle those soda bottles into a homemade bidet. Simply put a small hole in a soda bottle just below the lid. Add water, aim & squeeze. 

One place you might not think of when it comes to making a bidet is your local garden center but as it turns out, you can get a Garden Sprayer and use it for your own personal cleansing needs. You simply get a new one, fill it with water and voilĂ  – you have a bidet. 

Now, I couldn’t find anything about it online BUT I just thought of something, what about a baby bottle? If you are trying to wean your baby off bottles, reuse them and make homemade bidets. You can even cut the top off a little more if needed. The taller bottles should work out just for this purpose.

Now, if you don’t want to got the DIY route, you can also get a portable bidet that is handheld and easy to travel with. Amazon is selling them for around $16. You can get one here.

What other ways can you make a homemade bidet? 

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