Back to school is right around the corner and now is a great time to grab school supplies to donate to your child’s teacher!

Walmart is helping you get started by offering Crayola Classroom Sets for under $15!

These classroom sets come with multiples of each color of crayon or marker making it the perfect set for an entire classroom.

Coloring is made easy with this Walmart Exclusive 80 Piece Classroom Art Marker Set from Crayola! Students can use the assorted colors for art projects and other learning activities in the classroom. Broad Line Markers create clear bold lines perfect for posters, making them a helpful addition to teacher school supplies. These bulk markers arrive in a divided container for easy organization and display.

Normally these sets sell for around $30 but right now, Walmart is offering them for under $15 each!!

You can choose from the Crayola Crayon Classroom Set that comes with 8 colors of crayons and 30 of each color (240 total). This is $13.97.

You can also snag the Crayola Marker Classroom Set that comes with 8 colors and 10 of each colored marker. This is $15.00.

At these prices, you could totally grab both and donate them to a classroom in need.

Grab these before they are gone or before the price changes!

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