Nurses All Over Are Asking People to Sew Masks. Here’s How You Can Help.

While finding food and supplies at the grocery store has gotten a little better as this week goes on, there are some very important items that are still hard to come by. Because of this, nurses from all over are asking people to sew them masks because their supply is so low!

Nurses All Over Are Asking People to Sew Masks. Here's How You Can Help

On Facebook, nurse Kristen Thompson wrote,

“I’m a nurse at a local hospital. We are CRITICALLY low on masks! According to the CDC, fabric masks are a crisis response option when all of our supplies have been exhausted.”

Kristen goes on to ask people that can sew if they can make 100% cotton, double layer, reusable/washable masks and send them to nurses. She says that anyone that wants to help make the masks can comment on her Facebook status and she will get them more information. The masks don’t have to be perfect so that’s great for people like me that have limited sewing capabilities!

Nurses All Over Are Asking People to Sew Masks. Here's How You Can Help
Photo credit: Kristen Thompson

In another post on Facebook, Lesley Lastufka Davison asked people to do the same for nurses at a local hospital in Galveston, TX. She is a nurse also and is asking people to sew masks for nurses and for visitors since these masks can be washed and reused. Lesley has put together a Google Doc with more information, such as where the masks are going to go, patterns for how to make the masks and some FAQs about the masks themselves.

If you have the ability to sew and would like to make some of these masks for the nurses, here are some patterns that they have shared below:

Adult Reusable Medical Face Mask

A.B. Mask – for a Nurse by a Nurse

5 Free DIY Face Mask Tutorials Using Fabric

How to Sew a Face Mask

Now is a great time to give back to those in healthcare that are working tirelessly and risking their lives every day for us!

Nurses All Over Are Asking People to Sew Masks. Here's How You Can Help
Photo Credit Lesley Lastufka Davison


  1. Laurel Jackson says:

    I will attempt this.

  2. Pauletta Johnson says:

    Are there prepackaged preciut kits available with fabric ,& material yo make the masks? If would save alot of time if tere was.

  3. Lise Wilkinson says:

    Here in Canada, They say fabric masks are useless and they will put in garbage. I have 5 sitting on a shelf.

  4. Sherrill Hernandez says:

    I will sew masks. Have lots of scrap material. I have lots of scrap material. Just need pattern for measurements.

    1. Kristen Yard says:

      Awesome, Sherrill! There are links to printable patterns in the post!

  5. Nancy Bechard says:

    If you have the items I need to make the masks I am able to make lots of them for you.i am on vacation until the end of April and have a sewing machine and thread with me. Please let me know and let me know how many I can make for you.The address where we are vacationing is as follows.

  6. Olga Ramírez says:

    I am a caregiver in independence,MO. I want to help by making masks. I have started making masks out of bras, that I bought at the dollar store for a dollar.

  7. Can you use sheets to make he masks

  8. Joanna Fabrics has the kits. Make them and drop off at Joanns when finished.

  9. Hello my name is Natalie and I am able to help with making some mask I’ve got all the material that you guys suggested we need and I would love to be able to help in this most critical state.
    Can you just please let me know if there’s anything specific that you need me to do any other instructions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Kristen Yard says:

      Hi, Natalie! Maybe call your local hospital and ask them where to send your completed masks, etc.?

  10. Shirley Osentoski says:

    Send me face mask kits please

    1. Kristen Yard says:

      Hi, Shirley! There are printable patterns to make masks in the blog post (you just have to click on the links).I hope this helps!

  11. Linda Bolton (via Google Sheets) says:

    Where do you send them

  12. If we make these in the UK. Where do we send them too. Are they and use to help ?

  13. Fran Pearcy says:

    I would love to help but I don’t have a sewing machine and these old fingers don’t work so well. Is there anything I can do?

  14. Pam Scott says:

    I started making just the fabric masks but was told they are no good. I’m now making masks with a filter.

  15. Thank you for the article! Could you please encourage the volunteers to make this “ Hong king mask” developed by dr. K Kwong who is a chemist from Hong Kong? I’ve made many and they are very easy to make. The main difference is there is a pocket to insert a “filter”, which can be 2 layers of tissue or paper towel etc. He has a chart that details the filtration efficiency and flow rate. He found just fabric mask is equal to a n20 while the one with filters can be from 70-80 filtration rate, which makes it comparable to a surgical mask if used properly. I think that protect the doctors and nurses much better if they run out of n95 or surgical masks.

  16. I would love to help !! I have nothing but time on my hands and could make
    lots of masks. I live in Canada , are they doing this here to ?? I don’t have a
    sewing machine but if someone would like to donate one to me or sell it to me
    at a very good price I would be very happy to start making masks . Please let
    me know if they do it here also…thanks… take care everyone !

  17. judy martin says:

    I’m In Sarasota Florida and I am starting to make mask and wondering where do I send them

  18. Mary Warnecke says:

    I would love to help. Where do I start?

  19. Milinda L Fedder says:

    Hello, I’m willing and able to make as many as my hands can humanly make(which should be a lot). Please send me the directions to make them and where you want me to mail them.

  20. We made alot but people discouraged us.we can make more if they an be of good use.We are doing this with the help of the refugees.

  21. Jennifer ODonnell says:

    My mom will make some. Where do we send them?

  22. Yes I can make some masks where would I send them I’m in wales

  23. Sandy Schroeder says:

    I would love to help out, but I heard that the hospitals will not use them because they are not as effective as the real thing.

  24. I have two sewing machines, love sewing, I would love to help

  25. i would think if you a dialysis clinic nearby check with them if they will except cloth masks. i know my clinic i go to has very limited amount an ask us to wear ours for 2 days.

  26. mary helsaple says:

    Just for overall clarification, these are called ‘barrier masks’, and used to remind people not to touch their mouth or nose. It is also a visual reminder that we are living in special circumstances and it is not ‘business as usual. These and are greatly needed by many recovering, helping and visiting patients for minimizing cross-contamination and to avoid eating and drinking in sensitive areas. Viral and surgeon masks are highly specialized and are manufactured under strict guidelines. These are also in short supply and need the manufacturing industry to increase the production of N-95 and greater for nurses and Hospitals ASAP. If you have an N-95 mask and are NOT a health care worker or assisting those that are directly ill, consider passing it along to someone who is at higher risk, like a police person, or firefighter, or even your grocery checker. Stay Safe and calm.

  27. Sorry to bear the bad news – an admirable effort I’m sure, but they won’t work – they don’t meet PPE requirements for international safety standards and can actually endanger lives because they are not sterile and completely useless at stopping the virus. Only masks made of the correctly tested and certified materials will work to protect both the patient and the care giver. Please don’t try to make them yourselves.

  28. Nikki Terry says:

    I’ve checked at my local hospital and they say DON”T DO IT!!!!!

  29. Send me a sewing machine and I can help. It was my job before.

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