The CDC recommendation now everyone wear a face mask when going out. There are great tutorials for making your own. The problem is that these masks are often uncomfortable on your ears! Thankfully, we discovered how to make a cloth mask more comfortable using a simple headband with buttons! This is a simple craft you can DIY and make your life way more pleasant, especially if you are a healthcare professional. 

How to Make Your Own Face Mask Headband

Here are some of the top tips and videos for creating a DIY headband and button to be used with an elastic face mask. Each tutorial details what materials you can use to help out our healthcare personnel. This first idea is simple enough and just uses ribbons and buttons which you might have stashed among your craft supplies.  

How to Make a Button Headband For Your Face Mask

from Sew Cute by Katie Using a store-bought stretch handband, Katie thoroughly demonstrates where to place the button as well as how to hand sew the button on. 

How to Create a Double-sided Headband with Button to Make Your Face Mask More Comfortable 

from Happy Together with Jess Jess shares her patterns for both adult and kid-sized head bands as well as step-by-step instructions on how to put all the pieces together on her blog. 
fabric headband
Photo courtesy of Happy Together by Jess

DIY Knit Headband with Buttons for Elastic Face Masks

from Sew Craftie with Connie Connie uses a knit fabric headband in this video tutorial. She also shows how to sew the head band and button on using a sewing machine, rather than by hand.

Fabric Headband with Buttons to Make Face Masks More Comfortable on Ears

from SullivanSteph After receiving a pattern from a nurse, Steph shares her best tips for creating a fabric headband with buttons. 

How to Make a Fabric Face Mask: Picture Tutorial

from Button Counter Since the N95 face masks should be saved for healthcare personnel, we found this great tutorial on how to make a fabric mask for yourself when you go out to the grocery store. The pictures walk you through the instructions step by step in a clear and concise way. 
fabric mask
Photo courtesy of Button Counter

Pre-Made No Slip Headband to Use on Your Face Mask

If you’d rather not make the headband yourself, you can buy a pre-made headband with button from BondiBand. These do not come with face masks. These headbands with buttons can greatly help our healthcare professionals, who work long shifts taking care of us. Save those N95 medical masks for them, and let’s help them in any way we can.


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