As parents we often wonder if we are failing our kids. I for one, worry far too much if I am doing everything right and if my kids will know what they need to know by the time they head off to school. After reading this new study that Says Reading to Your Kids Teaches Them One Million Words Before Kindergarten, I feel much better as a mom.

When we become parents one of the things we are told or reminded of, is how important reading to our kids is. I’ll the first to admit, some nights we just don’t get to it but we sure try to make it a goal of ours to read to our kids nightly. Not only does it create bonding time and take kids away from the screens before bed, it now also has benefits like adding to their overall vocabulary and language skills. 

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A study published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics discussed findings that looked at parents who had read 1 picture book with their children every day. What they found was reading to their children provided exposure to an estimated 78,000 words each a year.


Cumulatively, over the 5 years before kindergarten entry, we estimate that children from literacy-rich homes hear a cumulative 1.4 million more words during storybook reading than children who are never read to.

Isn’t that just crazy and cool? Kids can learn so much just listening to you read to them.

So, what prompted the study to begin with? It peaked interest because researchers found that an estimated 25% of the entire population does NOT read to their children daily. They wanted to see if there was a difference in comprehensive, word-count and vocabulary between kids who were read to and those who weren’t and there was.

While it isn’t always easy to read to our kids every single night with all that we have going on, reading to them is important. It’s a great time to unwind and get lost in a story. Now, it’s even good for your child’s development too. 

As for books to read, experts say just read a variety of books so kids can hear different words and increase their vocabulary. If you really need ideas, check out our list of 150+ Books for Kids.

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