The best books for children can be hard to choose since there are over 30,000 published each year.  It can take a lot of hit and miss to find the great ones, which is why we love hearing which books others have read and loved.  Reading the best books can instill a love of reading in your children forever and can help touch on sensitive topics that are difficult to discuss. Today’s best blog feature, Pragmatic Mom, is sharing with us several of her book lists, totalling over 150 recomendations.  This is a great list to save and refer to often!

Best Books for Children

Best Books for Children

To Teach Compassion  – A list of ten books that help to teach children compassion and accepting our differences.  Out of My Mind  and Yoko  top this list. Beginning Chapter Books  – Here are ten early chapter books for beginners.  Specifically geared towards 2nd and 3rd graders, this list includes Ivy & Bean  and  Clementine. To Teach Math Concepts  – Twenty-seven different picture books that teach math concepts for the visual learner.  Some favorites here are The Grapes Of Math  and How Much Is a Million?. For Boy Readers  – A three part post with well over 90 books for boys, even the ones that aren’t big fans of reading yet.  These are broken up into by author name and by fiction/non-fiction.  Some favorites are Shiloh,  Diary of a Wimpy Kid  and The Adventures of Captain Underpants. Math Workbooks  – Help improve your children’s math skills with these workbooks.  These would be a great summer project to keep their little minds in tip-top shape. Starting School Books  – For the little ones, here are some of the best books for children starting preschool or Kindergarten. This includes one of my favorites, The Kissing Hand. Thank you so much Mia from the Pragmatic Mom for sharing these with us!  Affiliate links used in this post support Kids Activities Blog – Thanks for reading!

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