Consonants and vowels.  Sometimes kids need more practice reviewing phonics when they are starting to read.  Looking for more ideas check out our other phonics activities.

We made reading dice.

We lost our original set of dice, but are now beginning to play with letters with one of our younger kids.  Time for a new set.  Matching the sound with the letter, combining the letters sounds together and creating basic words are just a few of the steps to reading that this activity addresses.  This post contains affiliate links.  

Early Reading Activity

Phonics blocks. Make these and practice sounding out words with your kids We used the small blocks from our Melissa and Doug Block set. You will need two different color of blocks.   I think it really helps to have one color for the vowels and another two blocks of a different color for the consonants. As our blocks were dark colored, we used a metallic permanent marker  to make the letters.  Have rubbing alcohol nearby while you are writing your letters, just in case.  I made a mistake and if you wipe the surface with rubbing alcohol you can erase it before it sets.

DIY Phonics CVC Blocks

On the vowel block have: a, e, i, o, u, and repeat e again.  E is the most written vowel. For the consonant vowels we used the 6 most common first letters on one block and the 6 most common endings for a CVC word on the other block. Beginning Block: d/p, f, h, s, m, j. Ending Block: d/p, n, t, w, b, g. roll the blocks and sound out the letters - great for phonics and learning to read

How to teach your kids to read:

Have your child roll the first consonant block.  Sound out that letter with them.  Ex: “h” says “hh-” Roll the second, vowel block.  Sound out that letter and then sound out that letter combining it with the first block.  Ex:  “a” says “ah-“.  “H”-“a” = “ha-“. Finally, roll the third consonant block and ask your child to sound out each letter independently and then blend the sounds with the vowel to chunk them together.  Ex:  “”h”, “a”, “t”.  “ha” and “at”.  Altogether, “hat”. help your child learn to read with phonics blocks Using this method of sounding out words your kids will learn phonics pretty  quickly.

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