13 Fun & Free Printable CVC Lists for Kids Learning to Read

Today we have a fun way to help kiddos learn letter sounds, especially short vowel sounds. We have 13 free printable CVC lists — the easiest way for our young readers to learn consonant clusters.

If this term is new to you, CVC stands for consonant-vowel-consonant. A CVC word has two consonants at the beginning and end, and a vowel in the center. Some examples are lid, kid, and fin. It’s one of the most important skills young kids need to learn, but these free printable lists make it so much fun. Let’s get started.

Image shows a compilation of CVC printables from different sources.
These printables are a good place to start working on your kiddo’s reading skills!

Best Printable CVC Word Lists

As we mentioned before, CVC stands for Consonant Vowel Consonant. It’s a great way to learn short vowel words and practice phonemic awareness. Once kids can master these three-letter words, they’ll be able to learn more complex words in the English language and get started with easy reader books.

Just like sight words, one of the best ways to learn these short vowel sound is with lots of practice – and there are many great ways to get some extra practice outside of school, such as free worksheets, CVC word puzzles, magnetic letters, and more.

CVC words are usually taught to kindergarten students around 5 years old and above. But of course, every child is different and if you have struggling readers, just go slow and do more letter sound activities before moving to CVC words.

Keep reading to find the ultimate guide to help kids learn sounds of the letters with these CVC word family words printables!

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Image shows a kid writing CVC worksheets. Printables from Teach Beside Me
Let’s learn some CVC short words!

1. Short Vowel CVC Word Worksheets

Download and print these short CVC worksheets from Teach Beside Me – they are the perfect words to use when teaching new readers.

Image shows printable games and puzzles to learn CVC word spelling. Printables from Teach Beside Me
Let’s learn A CVC words!

2. Short A CVC Word Spelling Activities

Here’s a list of printable CVC spelling word cards and puzzles focusing on the letter A. They can be used with letter tiles or scrabble tiles. From Teach Beside Me.

Image shows a printable CVC worksheet from The Reading Advice Club
Fun CVC worksheets!

3. CVC Word Lists – Free Printables

Coming up with examples for CVC words – but here are several sets of free printable CVC word lists so you will always have plenty to use. From The Reading Advice Hub.

Image shows a printable CVC worksheet. From Literacy Learn
This is the ultimate list of CVC words with pictures.

4. 80+ CVC Words with Pictures & Printable Worksheets

This free printable cvc word list with pictures and 7 word matching worksheets help early readers practice reading simple three letter words. From Literacy Learn.

Image shows a CVC worksheet from Easy Teaching.
Download these high-quality CVC worksheets.

5. Printable CVC Worksheets

Download these printable CVC worksheets and other CVC resources to help your child’s reading. Suitable for kinder, preschool, prep, grades 1, 2 and 3. From Easy Teaching.

Image shows a compilation of printable CVC word lists. Printables from My Primary Paradise
It’s so easy to practice reading with these worksheets.

6. CVC Short Vowel Word Family Free Printable Word Lists

These lists from My Primary Paradise can be used any time you need some easy to read or easy to build short vowel words.

Image shows a compilation of CVC words worksheets. Printables from 123Homeschool4me
Practicing how to read is so much fun with these worksheets.

7. FREE Printable CVC Words Activities, Games, and Worksheets

123Homeschool4Me has lots of creative, and free printable CVC Words Activities to keep kids engaged and having fun learning.

Image shows a worksheet for learning words. Printables from
Let’s learn some ways to teach CVC words.

8. How To Teach CVC Words + FREE CVC Word List!

Go to Thrive Literacy Corner to learn what a CVC word is, how to teach them, plus free CVC words list to help you plan your activities.

Image shows a CVC worksheet with images. Printable from Keep Kids Reading
Learning CVC words is a very important skill.

9. CVC Words

Keep Kids Reading has a huge range of printable CVC worksheets and CVC activities. Fun, easy to use, and provide valuable practice for your child.

Image shows a CVC list worksheet from A Teachable Teacher.
CVCe words are also important to learn.

10. The Ultimate List of CVCe Words

CVCe lists help students remember to change the first vowel’s sound and then make the e silent. From A Teachable Teacher.

Image shows a CVC list from K12Reader
Help your kids understand CVC words with this educational chart.

11. Printable CVC Word List Chart for all 5 Vowels

This printable list chart is made up of CVC words with the each of the five vowels. It’s easy to print, making it perfect for both parents and teachers. From K12Reader.

Image shows a worksheet with CVC words and pictures. Printable from Worksheetpack.
We love printables with fun images!

12. Free CVC Words with Pictures PDF

Here are tons of CVC activities with A, E, I, O, and U letters – as an added plus, they also have images! From Worksheets Pack.

Image shows a compilation of CVC exercises. From Momsequetion
This pack includes tracing exercises too!

13. CVC Words Worksheets (A,E,I,O,U) With Pictures Pdf-Free Booklet

These worksheets from Mom Sequation will help kids multi-task and keep them busy learning tracing, reading, coloring, and word recognition.

Want more reading and writing practice?

Which printable CVC list are you going to try first?

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