Y’all know how giddy we get here at Kids Activities Blog over free printables. It makes us downright silly. Today is something to smile about…a printable reading set for kids themed for fall. Free Printables for Kids - Fall Reading Set  

Free Printables for Kids

This reading set is perfect for assigned reading from school or a special treat for favorite books.  It has several fun parts:
  • Printable squirrel bookmarks – Fall for a Good Book, I am Nuts for Reading, fall leaves and acorns
  • Printable fall bookplates – From the Library of…
  • Printable Reading Log

Download the Reading Set for Kids

Yep, it is all here.  You can print out the pages you can use for your home library fun. Click here to print:  Reading Set – Fall for a Good Book

More Printables for Kids

Just in case you missed it, we have recently featured two other sets of coloring pages:  back to school coloring pages and wise owl themed coloring pages.

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