Funny Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Try If You Run Out Of Ideas This Year!

These funny Elf on the Shelf ideas are great, especially when you’re running out of ideas where to hide your Elf.

funny elf on the shelf ideas for moving your elf

Funny Elf On The Shelf

Our elf, Snowflake, is always up to no good. But, sometimes, even a master prankster like Snowflake runs out of ideas!

Here are some funny elf on the shelf ideas for you to whisper in your elf’s ear if they are stumped and need help creating holiday magic for your little ones! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Funny Elf On The Shelf Pranks: Redecorating

Chip and Joanna ain’t got nothin’ on nimble fingers from the North Pole!

Also, how cute would that be for an elf couple’s names?

Since Santa only lets his helpers have so much say in how things are done up North, elves have all sorts of extra energy to expel when it comes to making your home holiday Feng Shui with a twist!

1. Wrapping In Toilet Paper

Your elf can wrap your toilet in toilet paper with this hilarious idea from Nifty Thrifty & Thriving

2. Add Elf To The Family Picture

Nothing ticks our elf, Snowflake, off more than not being included.

Don’t make the same mistake with your elf!

Thanks to this idea, from A Small Snippet, you can add them to your family picture wall!

3. Adding Flowers To The Family Photo

Speaking of which, this elf added red noses to his family’s picture! via A Mommy’s Adventures

Funny Elf On The Shelf Pranks: Kitchen Issues

Nothing says Christmas like the kitchen!

This room is the perfect place your for your family’s elf to get into some sticky situations with funny elf on the shelf pranks!

4. Elf On The Shelf Kitchen Ideas

Frugal Coupon Living answered the question of what happens when an elf is trusted in the kitchen, alone, to bake cookies. They get all mixed up!

5. Elf Ate All The Dessert

So… you your elf pigged out on dessert during the night with this fun idea from Nelly Cole Photography. Can you blame them?

6. Rice Krispie Elf

This elf is incognito as one of the Rice Krispies elves thanks to inspiration via Love Bugs and Post Cards!

7. Elf On The Shelf Cookie Prank

Trick your elf with some pretty yucky cookies with this funny idea from BarkBox. Also, you better hide the real cookies, because elves are quick learners!

8. A Message From Elf

Haha! Your kids will get a kick out of this message from their elf, thanks to Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

FUnny Elf On The Shelf Pranks: Time Out!

Part of the reason why kids relate to and trust elves as much as they do, is that they are just like kids, themselves.

Elves make mistakes, and get into trouble as they learn about the world around them, just like kids do.

Here are some hilariously naughty elf on the shelf prank ideas that your kids will crack up over!

9. Hilarious Elf Pranks

I’m not sure I want to know what this elf is up to, but The Daily Meal has some hilarious ideas!

10. Naughty Elf Punishment

When your elf is naughty, he just might end up having to write sentences with this idea from Piggies and Paws

funny elf on the shelf ideas - potty humor

Funny Elf On The Shelf Pranks: Potty Jokes the NP Way

Potty humor is something that seems to transcend species, from humans to elves, alike!

Here are some funny elf on the shelf pranks that are guaranteed to bring on the giggles!

11. Elf On The Shelf Pooping

A Small Snippet answers a questions that you might not have realized you wanted an answer to… So THAT’S what happens when an elf goes potty!

12. Christmas Tree Wrapped In Toilet Paper

This elf wrapped the Christmas tree in toilet paper with this fun idea from Nelly Cole Photography

13. Hide Your Elf In A Toilet Paper Roll

PopSugar shows how toilet paper rolls are a great place for your elf to hide!

14. Toilet Wrapping

Elf decided to decorate the toilet! How silly!

15. Build A Toilet Paper Snowman

Do you wanna build a snowmaaaannnn… well, your elf does! A toilet paper snowman, that is!

16. Count Down until Christmas

Elf is counting down the days until Christmas. This cute idea is from Pinterest.

Funny Elf On The Shelf Pranks: Action!

Our elf, Snowflake, loves to make new friends.

The only problem is that she is a tad bit competitive when it comes to vying for my daughter’s attention, against all of her toys.

Needless to say, these funny elf pranks below are some of Snowflake’s favorites!

17. Elf Swears

It’s a Mom’s World clues us in to typical elf swears!

18. Tied To The Train Tracks

Hey,Fancy Shanty, I wonder who tied up the elf and left him on the train tracks?!

19. Spiderman’s Sidekick

This hilarious elf idea, from Little Bit Funky, is perfect for kids who love Spider-Man.

20. Yarn Snowballs

Make yarn snowballs for an indoor snowball fight with your elf with inspiration from Elf on the Shelf.

21. Riding A T-Rex

Perhaps your elf could catch a ride on a friend? Loving this roar-rific idea from Snippets from Suburbia!

22. The Force Is Strong With Elf

The Force is strong with this funny elf, from  Lisa Stout Photography

Funny Elf On The Shelf Pranks: See You Next Year!

Kids dread saying goodbye to their elves at the end of the season.

With some creativity, your elves can give a lasting farewell (and maybe even a giggle or two) that will stick with them until next year.

Here are some ideas to help remind them that magic can be found in the details all year long!

23. Ran Into The Window

Splat! Looks like this elf ran into the window on his way out with this sweet idea from The Nerd’s Wife

24. Elf Scrapbook

My daughter and I take pictures and document the yearly shenanigans of her elf, Snowflake, in an Elf Scrapbook.

This way, she can fondly look back on their adventures all year long!

One day, she can share her many completed elf scrapbooks with her own children!

25. Visiting Throughout The Year

Another idea is to have your elf occasionally pop back in for a visit throughout the year, during birthdays or holidays.

This past summer, Snowflake stopped by to take a quick rest and eat some cookies during her layover en route to Hawaii for vacation.

My daughter loved the elf-sized mermaid costume that she wore!

She even sent a post card once she made it to her destination!

26. Elf Printables

Bookmark fun elf printables to print for your kiddos to color and send to the North Pole whenever they miss their little buddy!

More Elf On The Shelf Ideas From Kids Activities Blog:

Do you have any silly Elf on the Shelf ideas? Share them with us! We’d love to hear about them!

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