Free Magical & Cute Unicorn Coloring Pages

These unicorn coloring pages are so magical, kids will want to color them over and over again! Kids of all ages will enjoy the unicorn coloring activity and younger kids will appreciate the adorable simple unicorn pictures to color.

Cute Unicorn Coloring Pages for Kids

This free printable unicorn coloring pages set includes 5 simple coloring sheets of unicorn cuteness! The pretty unicorn pictures were created with kids of all ages in mind knowing that even little kids love unicorns. The easy unicorn coloring pages include:

  1. Magical unicorn asleep on a cloud
  2. Unicorns frolicking on the ocean
  3. Cute unicorn eating an ice cream cone
  4. Unicorn dreams of hearts
  5. Unicorn swinging on a star

These cute baby unicorn coloring pages can be printed instantly here or sent to your email inbox for later with the purple button below.

unicorn coloring pages
Nothing is better than a day filled with unicorn coloring pages!

5 Unicorn Printables For Magical Coloring Fun

This magical unicorn coloring pages set includes 5 unicorn pages to color. Kids will enjoy coloring:

  • a sleepy unicorn
  • two unicorn friends playing in a pool
  • a unicorn eating ice cream
  • a baby unicorn foal falling asleep
  • a unicorn playing on a swing

These magical cute unicorn coloring pages are ready for some color!

1. Best sleepy unicorn coloring page

printable unicorn coloring pages
A sleepy unicorn! So adorable!

Shhh, it’s sleeping! The first page of this printable unicorn set features an adorable unicorn sleeping on a soft cloud. Sweet dreams, young unicorn!

2. Free unicorn best friends coloring page

cute unicorn coloring pages
Unicorn friends can turn a regular day into a fun one!

The second unicorn coloring page features two unicorn friends enjoying a nice summer day. They look like they are having so much fun, aren’t they?

3. Cute unicorn ice cream coloring page

cute unicorn coloring pages
I’d love to try this unicorn ice cream!

This unicorn eating a delicious ice cream cone coloring page is perfect for a summer activity — color it while enjoying some ice cream!

4. Adorable baby unicorn coloring page

baby unicorn coloring pages
Aww, a baby unicorn… just too adorable!

Did you know a baby unicorn is also called a sparkle? This baby unicorn coloring page features a baby unicorn having fun.

5. Unicorn baby swing coloring pages

easy unicorn coloring pages
This unicorn is having the best day of its life!

The last page of these printable unicorn coloring pages features a happy unicorn playing on a swing set. It’s having so much fun!

Easy Unicorn Coloring Pages For Kids

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love creating free printable coloring pages for kids of all ages.  This unicorn printable set is perfect for your youngest and oldest child!

printable unicorn coloring pages
Your little ones will love using their creativity to color these unicorn coloring pages!

Add some color to these cute unicorn coloring pages; yellow, red, or violet; whatever color you choose we are sure they’ll look great! We recommend using glitter to make them sparkly.

free unicorn coloring pages
Get these free unicorn coloring pages for kids by clicking on the download button.

Download Cute Unicorn Coloring Sheet Pdf File Here

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How are you using these cute unicorn coloring pages?

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