Over the years of crafting, the Quirky Mommas have painted with crayons, we’ve thrown our paint, even painted our napkins and we’ve learned… Bathtub Paint kids activities craft paint Art is at its  best when it is





When you’re a parent, art is at its best when it is Clean… Contained… and… Entertaining for long periods of time!   Those are some of the reasons why we’ve loved painting with shaving cream in the bathtub at our house.  To make the paint, mix shaving cream with a few drops of food coloring. Bathtub Paint kids activities craft paint   Fill a muffin tin with several colors and hand your little one a basting brush for painting the tub and tiles. Bathtub Paint kids activities craft paint bath tub paint photos Don’t be surprised if your toddler’s own little body becomes the most colorful masterpiece.  That’s definitely part of the fun! You can use tempera paint instead of food coloring if you are worried about the colors dyeing skin or grout.  Food coloring usually makes for brighter, more vivid colors though, and we’ve never had a problem with dyed grout or skin that didn’t eventually go away.   You can tell she was definitely stunned at first at being allowed to do such a thing.  She couldn’t believe her good luck! Bathtub Paint kids activities craft paint If you don’t have shaving cream you can still have a blast!   Here is another bath tub paint recipe.  

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  1. Just did this tonight with my kiddos. They loved it and can’t wait to take a bath tomorrow night. Thanks for the fantastic idea. My kindergardener loved writing her site words in the paint when the wall was totally covered. Thanks again.

  2. Nice idea – I also wondered about whether food colouring would dye the tiles or grout….. Will have to give it a try sometime, sound like loads of fun!