Man Decides To Incubate Box Of Supermarket Eggs & This Happens…[Video]

10When you buy a dozen eggs at the store…

…the last thing you ever expect is one of them to hatch!

In fact, that is kinda nightmare of mine.

egg in carton from store hatches video on Kids Activities Blog
Eggs from the grocery store hatching??? HELP!

That is exactly what happened in this story…well there was a man, a dozen quail eggs and his plan…

He had a plan.  This wasn’t some random occurrance.

That makes me feel a little better!

A man who incubated a box of twelve supermarket quail eggs in the hope one would hatch was stunned to discover one did.

screenshot of quail egg hatching
That was unexpected!

Adorable Albert the quail was bought at a supermarket in Haarlem, The Netherlands, by Alwyn Wils, 45.

screenshot of man buying quail eggs
Buying dinner…not a pet!

After bringing it home, Alwyn placed all the eggs in an incubator and began filming their progress, hoping one was fertilized and would hatch.

screenshot of incubation of the eggs
OK, this was a plan!

And to his amazement, less than a month later, one of the eggs hatched.

Take a look!

Supermarket Egg Hatches Video

I think this is one of those scenarios our kids ask us about, but that we never think would actually happen.

Truth is, Albert isn’t even the first quail to be hatched from a supermarket egg.

Who knows why these eggs are being sold already fertilized, but thankfully Albert was given a chance to live, and boy his he a cutie!

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Can you believe the hatching quail eggs from the supermarket story?

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