This man starts hatching quail eggs from the supermarket and the most amazing thing happens! Hatching quail eggs shouldn’t be a big deal, but when they hatch from eggs from the supermarket, that’s a big deal! And these sweet quails are so cute! You’ll definitely wanna watch this video of hatching quail eggs!

Hatching Quail Eggs- egg in carton from store hatches video on Kids Activities Blog
Eggs from the grocery store hatching??? HELP!

Hatching Quail Eggs From The Supermarket

When you buy a dozen eggs at the store…the last thing you ever expect is one of them to hatch! In fact, that is kinda nightmare of mine. That is exactly what happened in this story…well there was a man, a dozen quail eggs and his plan…He had a plan. This wasn’t some random occurrence. That makes me feel a little better! A man who incubated a box of twelve supermarket quail eggs in the hope one would hatch was stunned to discover one did.

Hatching Quail Eggs- screenshot of quail egg hatching
That was unexpected! It’s so sweet seeing the hatching quail eggs!

Adorable Albert the quail was bought at a supermarket in Haarlem, The Netherlands, by Alwyn Wils, 45.

Hatching Quail Eggs- man buying quail eggs screenshot
Buying dinner…not a pet! He picks up quail Eggs from the store.

After bringing it home, Alwyn placed all the eggs in an incubator and began filming their progress, hoping one was fertilized and would hatch.

Hatching Quail Eggs-incubation of the eggs screenshot
OK, this was a plan! Who would have though the quail eggs would actually hatch?!

And to his amazement, less than a month later, one of the eggs hatched.

Take a look!

Supermarket Egg Hatches Video

I think this is one of those scenarios our kids ask us about, but that we never think would actually happen. Truth is, Albert isn’t even the first quail to be hatched from a supermarket egg. Who knows why these eggs are being sold already fertilized, but thankfully Albert was given a chance to live, and boy is he a cutie!

What To Do After Hatching Quail Eggs

While hatching quail eggs from the store sounds fun, understand that you have to have a way to take care of the birds afterwards. So if you try to do this yourself, and succeed (which is impressive), be sure to know what to do after hatching quail eggs. Like

  • Setting up a brooder
  • Keeping the quail chicks warm after they hatch
  • Keeping them safe and contained
  • Adding bedding to the brooder and keeping it clean
  • Making sure they’re fed and watered

You’ll want to do research before trying to hatch quail eggs or really any eggs from the store on the off chance it succeeds.

Can you hatch a supermarket egg?

Generally the answer to “can you hatch a supermarket egg?” would be no! That is why this event was so unusual. The eggs you find in the supermarket are usually unfertilized eggs, which means they haven’t been fertilized by a rooster.

Hatching an egg requires a fertilized egg and specific conditions like warmth, humidity, and proper incubation. Supermarket eggs are intended for eating, not hatching. They are produced by hens that lay eggs without being fertilized.

These eggs are collected, cleaned, and sold in stores for people to buy and cook. So, if you want to hatch a chicken from an egg, you would need to get a fertilized egg from a farm or hatchery and provide the right conditions for it to develop and hatch into a chick.

How can you tell if a supermarket egg is fertilized and could be hatched?

It can be hard to tell if a supermarket egg is fertilized, but there are some ways to check.

  • One method is called “candling.” It involves shining a bright light behind the egg to see inside. If the egg is fertilized, you might see some tiny veins or a dark spot called a “blastodisc” or “blastoderm” that shows a chick is starting to develop. However, this can be tricky and you might need experience to do it correctly. You can see what it looks like and find instructions for how to candle an egg here.
  • Another way is to try incubating the egg at home. Keep it warm and safe for a few days and see if anything happens. If a chick starts growing inside, you’ll notice changes over time.

But remember, most supermarket eggs are not meant for hatching. They are usually unfertilized and meant for eating. If you want to hatch chicks, it’s better to get eggs from a farm or a place that sells fertilized eggs.

Is it bad to eat a fertilized supermarket egg?

No, it is not bad to eat a fertilized supermarket egg. Though supermarket eggs are generally not fertilized (nobody really expects their supermarket eggs to turn into actual chicks!) occasionally, a fertilized egg might slip through. These eggs are perfectly safe and commonly consumed.

The fertilization process in eggs does not affect their taste, nutritional value, or safety for consumption.

Fertilized eggs only develop into chicks if they are incubated under specific conditions, such as warmth and humidity. However, these conditions are not present during the storage and transportation of eggs to supermarkets, which prevents any development from occurring.

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