Do you have a picky eater?  Or a kid that refuses to eat their veggies? Me too. I’ll admit that I understand their position, though. I don’t like vegetables either! The cool thing is that there are so many incredible ways to sneak those healthy veggies into your kids food without them ever knowing.

45 Easy Recipes That Sneak In Veggies! by KidsActivitiesBlog.Com. mac n cheese with carrots. Veggie Candy Recipe. Easy Superfood Smoothie Recipe
Let’s make these yummy recipes and sneak in some veggies that children couldn’t tell!

Easy Recipes That Sneak In Veggies

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1. Veggie Spinach Cupcakes Recipe

I know spinach cupcakes don’t sound incredibly appealing, but with these, you’ll never know they’re in there! Learn how to do this via Foodlets.

2. Mac and Cheese with Carrots Veggie Recipe

Foodlets mac and cheese with carrots recipe is a kid’s favorite. They may never eat the box kind again! via

3. Veggie Candy Recipe

Make Kids Activities Blog‘s veggie candy with apples, beets, and carrots that are full of vitamin C. And they taste good, too.

4. Superfood Smoothie with Veggie Recipe

Have your kids ever tried a red chard? I’m guessing not! Sneak it in with this cool superfood smoothie via Kids Activities Blog.

5. Veggie Sloppy Joes Recipe

Hidden veggie sloppy joes are a super fun way to get kids to eat vegetables without them ever knowing. Learn how Yummy Healthy Easy does it.

6. Beets Veggie Pancakes Recipe

Not only are these beets pancakes from Weelicious, they’re not only healthy, but they’re really pretty!

7. Sweet Potato Veggie Popsicles Recipe

For a fun summer treat, make sweet potato popsicles from (unavailable). Sounds crazy, but it’s so good!

8. Veggie Chips Recipe

One of the easiest hidden vegetable snacks is B-Inspired Mama‘s veggie chips. It’s so easy!

9. Veggie Pizza Sauce Recipe

All kids love pizza! Make Weeliciousveggie pizza sauce the next time you make homemade pizza.

10. Veggie Berry Sorbet Recipe

If your kids don’t like eating berries, try making them this delicious sorbet recipe via Kids Activities Blog.

Cookbooks for easy recipes that sneak in veggies

If you want even more amazing recipes that help you sneak veggies into your kids diet – here are our favorite cookbooks that do just that. 

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