I Do So Like Green Eggs Slime – Fun Dr. Seuss Craft for Kids

Let’s celebrate by making this fun Green Eggs and Ham craft for kids of all ages. This fun activity is Green Eggs slime based on the favorite Dr. Seuss book and will have you repeating Sam-I-Am in no time!

Text: Dr Seuss Green Eggs Slime - Kids Activities Blog - two green eggs on a plate which are actually homemade slime for this green eggs and ham craft
Let’s make this cute green eggs and ham craft!

Green EgGs and Ham Craft for Kids

Whether it is Dr. Seuss Day is March 2nd, you want a fun craft to go with the classic book, it is book day or you are just looking for fun ideas of what to do today at home or in the classroom, This Dr. Seuss Green Eggs Slime is the perfect way to celebrate.

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Dr. Seuss Green Eggs Slime Recipe

Before we get into this ooey, gooey play, we want to mention that this slime is NOT edible.

It’s just a fun way to display the Green Eggs from the Green Eggs and Ham Book by Dr. Seuss. Let’s get on with the Green Egg and Ham activities!

Green eggs and ham slime being picked up by a fork on a plate stretching - Kids Activities Blog
This green eggs slime is soooooo stretchy!

Supplies Needed for Green Eggs Slime Recipe

Watch our video showing you how to make Green Eggs Slime

Directions for Dr. Seuss Green Eggs Slime

Step 1 – Make 2 Bowls: One for White Slime, One for Green Slime

Start by making your slime. Keep in mind, you want 2 separate bowls of slime. 1 bowl of white slime and one bowl of green slime.

Each bowl of slime will require the bottle of glue, 1/2 cup liquid starch and 1/2 cup water.

Step 2 - Make white slime for green eggs and ham craft
First, let’s make white slime.

Step 2 – Make White Slime

For the white slime, just combine all of the ingredients, mix well and set aside.

Step 3 - Make green slime for green eggs and ham craft
Now, let’s make green slime!

Step 3 – Make Green Slime

For the green slime, make it just like you did above except you want to add 3-4 drops of green food coloring and 2-3 drops neon food coloring to the glue before you add the water and liquid starch.

You can add more or less food coloring depending on the color you want it to be. Just keep in mind the color will be a bit lighter after you add the liquid starch since it’s white in color.

one green egg slime that looks like a real green egg on a plate
This green eggs and ham craft REALLY looks like green eggs!

Step 4 – Add the Green Yolk to the Slime Egg White

Once your slimes are made, add some of the white slime onto a plate or table and make it an egg shape. Then add a smaller amount of the green slime on top as the “yolk”. 

Now you have a real green egg! {Giggle}

green eggs and ham craft (homemade slime) being held by a hand over a plate
It is so fun to play with green eggs and ham!

Let’s Play with Green Egg Slime

You will then have some ooey, gooey green eggs that are totally fun to play with!

And it’s super gooey and stretchy! Kids can have fun playing with their own green eggs slime.

Two hands stretching the green eggs slime recipe over a plate
Sam likes green egg slime!

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs Slime

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs Slime

Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day with this Green Eggs Slime


  • (2) 4 oz. Bottles of White School Glue
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Neon Green Food Coloring
  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1 Cup Liquid Starch
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Spoon or Stirring Stick


  1. Start by making your slime. Keep in mind, you want 2 separate bowls of slime. 1 bowl of white slime and one bowl of green slime. Each bowl of slime will require 1 bottle of glue, 1/2 cup liquid starch and 1/2 cup water.
  2. For the white slime, just combine all of the ingredients, mix well and set aside.
  3. For the green slime, make it just like you did above except you want to add 3-4 drops of green food coloring and 2-3 drops neon food coloring to the glue before you add the water and liquid starch.
  4. You can add more or less food coloring depending on the color you want it to be. Just keep in mind the color will be a bit lighter after you add the liquid starch since it’s white in color.
  5. Once your slimes are made, add some of the white slime onto a plate or table. Then add a smaller amount on top as the “yolk”. 
  6. You will then have some ooey, gooey green eggs that are totally fun to play with!


Our book, 101 Kids Activities that are the Ooey, Gooey-est Ever! features tons of fun slimes, doughs and moldables just like this one to provide hours of ooey, gooey fun! Awesome, right?

101 Kids Activities book cover
More slime fun!

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We hope you love this Dr. Seuss slime as much as we do! Have you made this green eggs and ham craft?


  1. I’ll I agree and disagree with this article. This seems just school specific and not a “public” school thing. If your kid is sick then they are sick. Our school doesn’t want kids that shouldn’t be there to be there as that affects the well being of all. Truancy officers are only coming for the chronic absentees, not kids sick for surgery or strep. Count days are usually three times a year where it’s nice to have your kid there, but an excused absence still counts for your kid. This school sounds pretty extreme and it’s not the norm for all schools. Perfect attendance is ridiculous, but attendance is important to acandemic performance.

  2. How exactly are home schooled and private school kids not experiencing diversity or the “real world”? Have you visited all of them to make this assumption? Wow.

  3. Roberta Castor says:

    Please don’t assume to know things about homeschooled children. My son experiences the real world often, probably even more so than his Public school peers. He gets to volunteer at places, he goes everywhere with me and is in charge of handling things, A butcher shop ordering our meat for the week, the post office to learn how to send certain types of mail. He also has homeschooled peers and membership to the Y where he has access to groups of kids from different types of families. My daughter chooses public brick and mortar school and gets corrected for remotely standing incorrectly in line. If that is real world experience, no thank you!

  4. Sandy Mathys says:

    I have been a public school teacher for 36 years in Minnesota and Wisconsin and I have never heard of the rules you speak of. In fact, I find the opposite to be true. I see sick kids coming to school and teachers like myself often sending them to the nurse to take temperatures have parents called to take them home. In many cases families are struggling financially and cannot afford to take a day off of work for a sick kid so they give them Tylenol and send them to school and hope for the best. When it wears off and the child’s fever spikes we call families to come and pick them up. Unfortunately everyone has now been exposed. Often times the student is back in school the very next day and they tell me they have not been to a doctor or are not taking an medicine. We then call home because of the 24 hour rule and parents are often upset that they have to come pick them up again. We do not have an award for perfect attendance or a truancy officer at the elementary level. The middle school and high school have more issues with students skipping school or staying home to care for younger children or elders or even work. We do track attendance for unexcused absences or chronic tardiness because it does interfere with academic growth and progress. If a parent calls in an absence it is considered excused even in the case of family events and vacations. I often send a journal to write about adventures and ask students to try to read while they are gone so they don’t lapse, but this is not required, but rather a suggestion. It is difficult to send home anything else that the student has not had direct instruction in, and I try to avoid busy work. I respect family time and leave all of this up to parent discretion. In terms of child counts that pertains more to enrollment rather than attendance. There may be some head counting due to the amount of families without permanent housing that we serve. In many cases they leave without telling us because they are living day to day and do not know what school we should forward records to. Sometimes I do get frustrated when I ask a student if they were sick and they say “No, my family said I could stay home for the day.” If I probe to find out why I am often told that they missed the bus and no one could bring them in. They share that they played video games all day and it was really fun. This makes me sad because it teaches students that school is not all that important. Good health and regular attendance are very important and I think the majority of schools and teachers do the best they can in maintaining both. I am sorry for your experience and hop that you don’t generalize it to all schools.

  5. Amber Coulter says:

    I whole heartedly agree with this post. I have had the same issue with my child’s public school in Florida. I have been told that doctor’s notes I have turned in are not acceptable. It’s a shame that these kids keep perpetuating the germ cycle because of the attendance rules. I also agree, don’t tell me how to parent my child!

  6. Lapis Mom says:

    Don’t send your sick kids to school. But otherwise, kids NEED to be in school. Highly trained professional teachers, no make up worksheets, are the reason behind academic success.

  7. Nice little dig against homeschoolers who don’t experience the “real world”. I think they experience *more* of the real world when they are free of stupid attendance rules and can actually get out into that so-called real world.

  8. Parents need to remember that YOU ARE THE PARENT
    YOU pay teacher salsries your taxes pay it all

    for goodness sakes don’t allow tjis bullying

  9. Take it to the Education Dept and let them know of your problems and havo other Parents do it too so it’s not just you (a whinging mother). With any luck they will listen and tske action if not contact your local Government representative and see what they will do.

  10. Our school does this too. It’s so annoying to have to think about whether my kid is sick enough to keep home. Younger kids especially tend to catch a lot of colds and may need more days off. Our school gets grumpy when the kids approach 10 excused absences. It doesn’t take much to reach that for my youngest, who throws up pretty much every time she has a cold – I think her stomach is really sensitive to post nasal drip or something.

  11. When we give the public schools the job of raising our kids this is what happens.

    Parents need to parent and get in front of school boards and remind them they are there to educate not make parental, dietary, or even medical decisions.

  12. This article was very difficult to read because of the social buttons on the left hand side while mobile.

  13. My childexperences more real world being homeschooled than she ever did in public school. She gets to help voluneer at an association that keep our local training (from all the world) Air Force here. So she has met people from different countries just from that. She has learned how banking works and PS does not teach that. I could go on but you know got to learn about how the real world works.

  14. lol public school isnt the “real world” , Its a bubble of the same kids in the same classes for YEARS, until you change schools.
    My homeschool kids are actually out in the REAL world. Meeting new people, learning new things, mastering their academics and moving on without having to wait for “no kids get left behind” . They do things during the day that public schoolers can’t since they are locked in a classroom 8 hours a day and then hours of homework after school.
    Best not to write articles and mention things you clearly know nothing about.

  15. We’ve been through this nightmare for years! Threats of prosecution when my daughter who has JRA and fibromyalgia (diagnosed at age 4) was in so much pain she could not stand, much less spend the day at school. The doctors’ notes were never good enough for them. They kept demanding more proof. And then there were the threats when during my single mom years, I couldn’t afford a doctor visit for every tummy flu or severe cold, so I had to take my children to school to avoid their wrath. Never mind that they then spent the day in the nurse’s office because vomiting in class is a non-no but I couldn’t leave work to pick them up until the regular after school time. It was and is a nightmare. Sick kids belong at home, and parents are the best ones to decide.

  16. I totally agree with article. For the person who said truancy officers are only for extreme cases, no they’re not. I’ve been threaten with truancy charges over a sick kid all because I kissed a couple of sick notes. I’m fed up with the schools around me. My boyfriend deals with the same shit and he’s in Tennessee.

  17. i have chosen to send my daughter to private school and am not sure how you can think that public school is the way to teach children about the real world. At school she has made blankets for the homeless, gone to homes for the elderly to volunteer, made meals for children in third world countries to send to them, and so many more quality learning experiences that would never be taught if she was in public school. While diversity is important it is very narrow minded to assume just because my child is being sent to a Christian school doesn’t mean there isn’t any diversity. It means I have chosen a school where my daughter can enjoy gym class everyday and art twice a week as well as music twice a week. I have chosen this and while I know it is not everyone’s choice. I one is less of a parent because they decide to keep their children home ir spend their hard earned money to send them to a private school.

  18. This might be one of the most ridiculous this game I’ve ever seen read or posted on Facebook. As a teacher I could argue so many sides of this. Stop and think about what you wrote, I mean really??! Schools have policies for a reason. If the principal wouldnt accept it then you might should have spoken with the school nurse to alert sure you understand the policy. Then speak with so watch the central office. Second, unfortunately if that is the policy then as a student and parent at that school who has probably signed a handbook agreeing that you both understood the policies. When your child has a job as an adult she will have to follow their policies whether she likes them or not or she won’t work there long. As for the ‘student in a chair issue’ it doesn’t matter if they are absent or not, if they are enrolled to go there then that isn’t a valid argument. Schools don’t get money that way. And as teacher with a small child I’d rather my family not be sick. So please stay at home. That’s why you have Dr notes and parent notes. Just another blog trying to get attention by not telling the whole truth.

  19. To the “teacher” above….ummm maybe you should reread your post. If you want anyone to take your argument seriously then maybe it should, I don’t know, make sense??? I sure hope you aren’t an English teacher!!

    On the subject of the article…I have a 4 year old in preschool. It is a preschool connected with the public school system where we live. I can’t win for losing with them. My husband is an over the road truck driver so he doesn’t see him often. He was home for a few days a few months back and the opportunity arose for my 4 year old to be able to take a day trip with him in “the big truck.” We kept him out of school that day because, for me, it was more important for him to get to spend that quality time with his dad instead of going to school that day. So he had one unexcused absence, just one. Since then he’s had to have surgery, had strep, and had the flu. They get 10 absences only if even one of them is unexcused. So since we decided to let him spend a day with his dad while he’s in PRESCHOOL, we are running the risk of him losing his spot. All the other absences were excused with doctors notes. When I questioned this I was told that it is the policy of the county schools, and this year we just run the risk of losing his spot. Next year, once he starts Kindergarten, if a similar situation arises we could face legal troubles since it’s against the law not to send your kid to school if they aren’t enrolled in home school. What the crap??? So, I totally see where the writer is coming from.

  20. The title of this article is inaccurate: it should say “ It’s the State’s fault…” It is our state government’s fault these truancy laws are in place. Your schools are trying their best to follow a law. They have to show that they tried to follow the law or they face consequences. They also have to show that they are treating everyone the same, so parents can’t sue them for discrimination. Why is Suzie able to miss 17 days of school and my Johnny can’t. Our schools live under a microscope, If they twitch, someone is there to rip them apart. Yes, we need to hold them accountable, but in many cases, there is a reason why our schools have the rules they do. If your child is sick, then they need to stay home. If your child is sick a lot, talk with your school, in most cases they are more than willing to work with you. You may have to jump through some hoops, but it is for your and your schools protection.

  21. Ironically our school district just instituted this policy recently and had a big family meeting to drill it home that it doesn’t matter the reason your child MUST attend class. It’s been interesting this flu season especially since our states department of human health just posted state guidelines requiring anyone diagnosed with the flu to remain out of school for 7 days from diagnosis. A call to the school and the answer was? Your child is required to attend school, any missed days will result in a report to the state and mandatory Saturday school. Of course I reported this to the states DHE and a few days later the district grudgingly posted the guidelines. But it’s worse then this since now there are parents that won’t take kids to the doctor because they don’t want them to be diagnosed, my wife and I have both personally witnessed parents saying this, because if they aren’t diagnosed they don’t have to stay out of school for 7 days. Children shouldn’t be punished because they are sick or injured, nor should parents fear that taking a child for a diagnosis will result in punishment. It really falls on the district and the use or misuse of district funds. I believe this is why this policy is in use in our district since they are spending district funds frivolously as if they are rolling in the dough and need every cent they can squeeze out of the state, and local tax payers. They have already had several projects shut down that would have cost far more then they should have. And just going to school board meetings to voice opinion doesn’t help either especially if like our board they have a predetermined agenda.

  22. Our state has attendance as one of the criteria we must meet. We encourage students to be in school, just like we encourage students to stay home when sick. I teach 5th grade and my class since the beginning of school has not spelled “ATTENDANCE “ with getting one letter for each day all students are there ALL day. I have a monthly attendance club and they get a reward if they stay in the club for the month, realizing one month might be tougher than another. Bottom line, attendance is important.

  23. Please remove me from your email list. I do not have children. Thanks.

  24. I did not sign up for this page. I don’t know how you got my email address. I can not find a way to unsubscribe. All in all this in an invasion of my privacy and is very frustrating. I will be reporting this as soon as I work out how!!

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