This levitating chair trick is the absolute coolest thing. So cool in fact, that I had to try it with my friends! If you’ve never seen this levitating chair trick you’re in for a real treat. It’s super mind blowing and awesome. I feel like getting out of the levitating chair trick though. You have to check it out.

Remove the chair trick video - Kids Activities Blog
Can I take your chair?

Have you ever seen something that just seems a little too easy to be true?

I think that is the case with this…

Next time you’re with a group of friends, you should try this chair removal trick!

It looks like magic, but really, it’s just physics.

Don’t ask me to explain it, because I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it work!

Remove the Chair Trick Video

How cool is that?

Every single chair gone and they’re still in place.

Wouldn’t this be a great trick to try with kids!?


Did you try the chair removal trick?

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