A secret contra code in Fisher Price baby toys? I love finding out hidden Easter eggs in movies and video games. That is why when I heard this Fisher-Price Toy (affiliate links throughout) has a secret Konami Contra Code I had to check. In fact, my daughter has this exact toy so I tried it and it actually works!

Fisher Price toy - baby game controller - with contra code
Fisher Price game controller with secrets…

Baby Game Controller Secrets

The Fisher-Price Game and Learn Controller is the perfect toy for toddler’s to make them feel included in your house of gamers.

We actually bought the pink version for our daughter and she loves playing with it. 

Baby game controller - fisher price baby toys - secret code
Find the special Easter Eggs!

Konami Contra Code in Fisher Price Game Controller

The toy plays music and sounds while it lights up like a traditional game controller. However, most people don’t even know that the toy comes with a hidden Easter Egg… A Secret Konami Contra Code.

In fact, the details are right on the side of the box, but who really pays attention to the box?

I know I didn’t.

I just opened it for my daughter and threw the box away without even realizing the secret code.

Mario Easter Egg in Fisher Price Baby Toy

One mom posted the brilliant find on Facebook with pictures of the box (in case you missed it like I did).

She said, “Yall, I found an “easter egg” on my kids toy.

I slid the switch to the numbers side and did “up up down down left right left right b a” and it started playing Mario noises!”

fisher price baby toy - fisher price game controller box reads up down cheat codes unlock
Jessie Martin on Facebook: Up, up, down…cheat codes unlock fun surprises!

Buzz Around Contra Codes

That then sparked videos of people trying it and it actually works!

You do that combination of buttons and see the video game surprise and hear “You Win!”. Fun, right?

Mind blown. Well played, @FisherPrice (needs sound) pic.twitter.com/Ld94QpUOAt

— Chris Scullion (@scully1888) December 17, 2018

I’ve had a blast playing with this toy now that I know this Easter egg exists.

You know you want one now too!

baby playing with fisher price remote searching for mario cheat codes?
Up, up, down…{giggle}

You can order yourself a Fisher-Price Game and Learn Controller on Amazon Here.

toy controller - fisher price toy remote - holds secrets and has a smile on its face
No wonder this toy controller is smiling…

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