Toddlers are pretty observant….sometimes way more observant than adults give them credit for!

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I see that!

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This was proven with the story of Elsa…

Elsa knows what she likes when she sees it, and she doesn’t care who judges!

This hilarious toddler was walking along the boardwalk with her parents when a shirtless man caught her eye.

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For whatever reason, Elsa Really liked the man and couldn’t stop starring as he passed.

Mom was the first to notice her fascination and exclaims, “She really likes him,” after the little girl continues to share.

Then dad, realizing the little one isn’t looking away, chides her for her lingering glance.

Finally, Elsa turns back to the camera and the look on her face says everything.

Take a look!

Toddler Watches Shirtless Man Pass By Video

Both parents were later quick to point out that the moment, though hilarious, was nothing more than an eighteen-month-old baby harmlessly taking in the world around her.

Still, the circumstances behind the ‘stare’ were funny enough that they knew they had to share it with the world.

And, hopefully, share it with her boyfriends for years to come…

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How observant is YOUR toddler?

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