13 Adorable Gender Reveal Ideas

Looking for some gender reveal ideas to announce to friends and family what gender your baby is? Look no further, because we have found some of the cutest gender reveal ideas! These ideas are not only, simple, but fun and exciting as well!

13 Adorable Gender Reveal Ideas- Silly String, arrow to the balloon, piñata, eggs with confetti, cupcakes- Kids activities blog
Looking for great ideas to announce what your baby’s gender is? We have so many cute ideas!

Gender Reveal Ideas

I love all the new gender reveal ideas I keep seeing online. When I had my son about seven years ago, we had a small little gender reveal party and it was at the very beginning of this new trend.

There weren’t too many creative ideas so we put blue gum balls inside cupcakes to tell everyone. It was a lot of fun and I imagine it would be even better with all of these crazy cool ways to announce the gender of your baby!

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Adorable Gender Reveal Ideas

1. Gender Reveal Cupcake Idea

Make your own gender reveal cupcakes with a pink or blue heart in the middle! via Dessert Now Dinner Later

2. Silly String Reveal Idea

I love this idea so much: everyone gets a can of silly string is a mystery color, spray it at the same time to see what color comes out! via Lively Happenings

3. Question Mark Piñata Reveal

Pull the string on this question mark pinata to see what color falls out!

4. Pink or Blue Bubble Gum Photo Idea

To tell the world with a photo online, these pink and blue bubble gum photos are adorable. via Let Me See You Sparkle Photography

13 Adorable Gender Reveal Ideas- Confetti shooters, baseballs, golfing, and egg filled confetti- kids activities blog
How fun is that golf reveal?

5. Confetti Filled Eggs Reveal Idea

These confetti filled eggs are super fun. Crack one on your head to see what color! via The Vintage Modern Wife

6. Arrow Reveal Idea

Shoot an arrow at a paint filled balloon to see what color sprays the canvas. How fun? via Sweet Miles

7. Super Cute Fortune Cookie Reveal

You can get cookies made with a personalized message everyone can open at the same time.

8. Sporty Baseball Reveal

For baseball fans, you will adore this one. These baseballs are filled with pink or blue powder and when you hit it with the bat, the gender is revealed!

9. Cute and Sporty Golf Ball Reveal Idea

If golf is your game, here are golf balls that do the same!

10. Soccer Ball Idea For Revealing Your Baby’s Gender

Don’t worry, there is a soccer ball, too!

11. Easy Confetti Party Popper Idea

Confetti party poppers are a really fun way to get everyone involved in the reveal.

13 Adorable Gender Reveal Ideas- smoke gender reveal, and bubble gum photos
The bubble gum photos are so cute!

12. Confetti Balloon Pop Reveal

The confetti balloon pop is one of the most fun ideas, especially if you already have a little one! via Funny Beautiful

13. Gorgeous Gender Reveal With Smoke Bombs

One of the most gorgeous gender reveal ideas to photograph are the smoke bombs – they just look so fantastic! via Stacy Coker Photography

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How did you announce your pregnancy?

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