Looking for an inspired baby name? We have a big list of baby name ideas that came straight from the 1990s. The 90’s were filled with MTV music videos, Polly Pockets and Lisa Frank. They were also known for being the year of the Brittanie’s (Hey, that’s me HA). So, if you are wanting to take a walk down memory lane, here are The Top 50 Baby Names from The 90’s.

Baby Names from the 1990s - baby feet in crib of baby wearing a onsie
Is your baby’s name 90s inspired?

The Top 50 Baby Names from The 90’s

According to the Social Security Administration, these are the top baby name of the 90’s (in order from most popular to least popular). 

These baby name ideas could now be considered vintage baby names? Well, that depends on your perspective and birth year {giggle}.

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Baby Names from the 1990s - baby sleeping quietly in a crib covered by a colorful blanket
The nostalgic 90s!

The Top 50 Baby Girl Names from The 90’s

  1. Jessica
  2. Ashley
  3. Emily
  4. Sarah
  5. Samantha
  6. Amanda
  7. Brittany
  8. Elizabeth
  9. Taylor
  10. Megan
  11. Hannah
  12. Kayla
  13. Lauren
  14. Stephanie
  15. Rachel
90s Baby Names- Little girl sitting on top a table with fall trees around her
Is your name on this 90’s baby name list?
  1. Nicole
  2. Alexis
  3. Victoria
  4. Amber
  5. Alyssa
  6. Courtney
  7. Rebecca
  8. Danielle
  9. Jasmine
  10. Brianna
  11. Katherine
  12. Alexandra
  13. Madison
  14. Morgan
  15. Melissa
  16. Michelle
  17. Kelsey
  18. Chelsea
  19. Anna
  20. Kimberly
  21. Tiffany
  22. Olivia
  23. Mary
90s baby names- little girl in pink and red outfit looking up
How Do you feel about these 90’s baby names?
  1. Allison
  2. Abigail
  3. Sara
  4. Shelby
  5. Heather
  6. Haley
  7. Maria
  8. Kaitlyn
  9. Laura
  10. Erin

The Top 50 Baby Boy Names from The 90’s

Baby Names from the 1990s - baby sitting on a wooden floor
Oh 90s baby!
  1. Michael
  2. Christopher
  3. Matthew
  4. Joshua
  5. Jacob 
  6. Nicholas 
  7. Andrew
  8. Daniel 
  9. Tyler
  10. Joseph
  11. Brandon
  12. David 
  13. James 
  14. Ryan 
  15. John
  16. Zachary 
  17. Justin
  18. William 
  19. Anthony
  20. Robert 
  21. Jonathan
90s baby names- boy in jacket on ground with gold leaves
It’s time for 90s boy names!
  1. Austin 
  2. Alexander 
  3. Kyle 
  4. Kevin 
  5. Thomas
  6. Cody
  7. Jordan
  8. Eric
  9. Benjamin 
  10. Aaron
  11. Christian 
  12. Samuel 
  13. Dylan 
  14. Steven 
  15. Brian 
  16. Jose 
  17. Timothy
  18. Nathan
90s baby names- baby boy sleeping
Some of these 90s names surprised me!
  1. Adam
  2. Richard
  3. Patrick 
  4. Charles 
  5. Jason 
  6. Cameron 
  7. Jeremy 
  8. Mark 
  9. Stephen
  10. Jesse
  11. Juan
Baby Names from the 1990s - baby sleeping in bassinet with teddy bear
Remember those sweet 1990s with a baby name!


What are your favorite names for kids? Do you have a 1990s name? Where are you drawing inspiration for your baby name ideas?

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