Hikers Run Into Bear On Trail, “Shoo” Him Away [Video]

When it comes to bears, I’ve always had a pretty strict policy: run. Run fast. Run far.

I mean, when you come across a bear in the wild, you aren’t supposed to make eye contact or draw attention to yourself…right?

Hikers Run Into Bear on Trail in Woods and Try to Shoo Him Away Video - Kids Activities Blog - bear hugging tree
Stay away from bears!

But apparently that policy doesn’t apply to the fine folks of Alaska.

When two hikers come upon a grizzly bear while on a trail, rather than backing away slowly, going a different direction, they decide to send the bear on HIS way!

Take a look!

Hikers Try to Shoo Bear from Trail Video

Now, I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty brazen to me.

Like, the woods are pretty a bear’s home, and I’m guessing that trail is like his kitchen.

Those hikers?


Now what would you do if your dinner stood up on the plate and started shooing you away.


Apparently the bear didn’t like the idea of dinner talking back, because he strolled off the trail away from the weirdos who were coming his way.

And personally?

I can’t blame him.

I might run away from those two, too!

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What would you do if a bear was on YOUR trail?

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