Dog Overjoyed To Find ‘Surprise’ Box Waiting For Her!

Dogs and their owners can become the best of friends. So much so that they seem inseparable! When the owners leave the dog, it can be a heartbreaking moment for the little pup. However, when they return, it makes for a memorable moment that will never be forgotten! This seems to be the case when this owner surprises her dog after being a way for so long! This is one amazing and heartwarming video that you will surely not want to miss! “This video shows myself hiding inside a box from my dog Sandy who is now under the care of my parents. I had just flown in from New York for the Holidays and always enjoy the surprise reunion I share with my dog,” says the woman who hid inside the box. Take a look!

Pets can be amazing companions that can’t help but to brighten up our lives. They should be treated as if they are family because in reality they are a valuable family member. This dog seems so happy when her owner comes home that you cannot help but to smile as this dog absolutely loses her mind! Just seeing how she recognized her owner’s smell through the cardboard proves that their connection is very deep. They must be the best of friends! And let’s hope these ‘friends’ aren’t separated quite so long next time!

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