Man Volunteers To Feel ‘Labor Pains’ During A Nursing Class Simulation [Video]

Pregnancy is so exciting for everyone involved!

And then mom starts thinking about what lays ahead for her…labor pain.

Man Volunteers to Feel Labor Pains Video - Kids Activities Blog
Congrats to the soon-to-be parents!

It’s hard to explain labor pain to someone who hasn’t been through it, but luckily we live in a time where, to some extent, that pain can be simulated and some lucky men are getting to experience it first hand.

Maybe not lucky, per se…brave?



This is the hilarious moment a man endures simulated labour pain for less than 20 seconds before begging for it to end. 

Brave Jonny Wade offered himself as a sacrificial lamb to test whether he could withstand the birthing experience while at the University of Tennessee. 

As one of his fellow classmate holds him, Jonny is clearly in discomfort while his partner keeps telling him to breathe and pats his chest. 

Mere seconds after saying ‘no matter what I say, go to 10’, Jonny starts screaming and begs for the simulator to be turned off as his fellow students fall about laughing. 

Jonny said: “The pain was very severe and I didn’t last long at all.”

Take a look!

Man Experiences Labor Pains in Birthing Class Video

Seriously, I can’t stop watching this video.

It cracks me up way too hard to see a brave man brought down so quickly by just a little bit of pain.

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Can you handle labor pain?  We want to hear your story in the comments!





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