Little Girl Dances Again After Receiving New Running Blade [Video]

We want our children to live the happiest, fullest life they can, but sometimes because of illness or physical challenges, they simply can’t.

Girl Dances Again after Receiving New Running Blade Limb Video - Kids Activities Blog
We want our kids happy, active….dancing!

That was the case for this little girl not so long ago, but not any longer!

A seven year-old girl, who stars in a heartwarming viral video showing off her new prosthetic leg to friends, is now following her dancing dreams. 

Anu Shah had her leg amputated as a baby but was gifted a new running sports blade, especially made in pink – her favorite color. 

Local BBC cameras then caught the moment she unveiled the prosthetic, costing £3,000 (almost $3900 dollars), to her impressed friends and then runs around the playground. 

The video has gone round the world and been commented on by thousands including celebs. 

After receiving the running blade from government funding, the happy little girl also attends dance classes every Thursday at a dance studio near her home in Shirley, Birmingham.

Take a look!

Girl Re-joins Dance Class After Receiving New Running Blade Prosthetic Video

Anu couldn’t be more thrilled about her new mobility, and having a leg that cool is definitely something she should show off!

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Doesn’t that good news just make you want to dance?


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