Crowd Loses It When Toddler And Mascot Have Epic Dance-Off

My son LOVES to dance. He always has. Almost as soon as he could walk, he could dance.

If I’m being honest, he was probably dancing before then, but I thought he was just trying to stand up. There were times I’d wake up in the morning to take him out of his crib, and find him in there holding onto the side rail, just dancing away.

Girl v mascot dancing video - Kids Activities Blog feature - little girl looking off in distance
Let’s host a dance off…

As soon as he was old enough, I got him into a toddler dance class, and it was the best thing ever for him. He knows ALL the moves.

I think he and Anessah here would get along amazingly! When Anessah heard a song come on that she recognized, she had to dance.

So with the whole crowd watching, she broke out her amazing moves and impressed everyone.

The best part is when the mascot joined in and matched her move for move.

Take a look!

I know everyone was there to see the game, but I’m guessing it’s this epic dance-off that they’ll really remember.

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Who do you think won?

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  1. Brownsuga says:

    They were all GREATTTTT ….Lord keep Please protect our babies…guide them and let your Will not theirs be done… let’s all come together and pray for UNITY in this world….Lord heal your land in Jesus name

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