Fortnite Party Ideas

We thought it would be fun to grab some Fortnite party ideas since all the cool kids are talking about Fortnite. So much in fact, my son is wanting to host a Fortnite party for his birthday this year.

So, we’ve gathered the best Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas to share with you in case you find your kid wants a tilted party too!

Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas with fortnight logo, drinks, characters, gift bags, and shirts.

From party decorations to totally cool wearables, you’ll find some awesome ideas that will make your kids want to do the floss dance.

Fortnite Party Food Ideas

You can’t have a Fortnight birthday party without delicious treats, drinks, and cakes! We have Fortnight cake pops, cupcakes, candies, and so many more sugar induced treats to make your party awesome.

Fornite Slurp Juice

from Simplistically Living

This Fortnite Slurp Juice is the perfect way to cool down after a heated Battle Royale.  I feel like we don’t need the excuse of a Fortnite birthday party and could make this for every day?

Fortnite Slurp Juice

V-Buck Chocolate

via Derby Lane Dreams.

We are loving these DIY Fortnite V-Bucks chocolate candies. Such a great idea for party treats or food for the party.

Fortnite V-Buck Cupcakes

via Saving You Dinero

Fortnite V-Buck Cupcakes are the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth. I have always thought of cupcakes as currency anyway…so does that double the value?

Fortnite Party Favors: Shield Potion Bottles

from Pinterest.

These Fortnite Shield Potion bottles are perfect Fortnite party favors.  For added fun, hide these around the party area and have the players find them.

Sheild Potion Party Favors

Fortnite Cake Pops

from Pinterest.

Have a supply drop on a tabletop with these Fortnite Cake Pops. Who isn’t motivated by a cake pop? Not me.

cake pops Fortnite-themed

Fortnite Cake

via Twitter.

Know someone that makes beautiful cakes? Have them re-create this Fortnite Cake for an epic way to celebrate a birthday!

Fortnite Cake camo

Host a Fornite Party for Kids – Games & Loot Bags

There are so many fun ideas for Fortnite birthday party games, costumes, and goodie bags to give away at the end of the event. Here are some of our favorite favors:

More Fortnite Party Ideas

Battle Royale Party Game

from Pinterest.

Make a super easy backdrop with plates and cups from the dollar store and allow kids to shoot with nerf guns for a Fortnite-Inspired Game. I may not know a lot about Fortnite, but I know this is cool!

Battle Royale Party Game

Fortnite Nerf Party Game

from Fun Squared.

You will need a treasure chest, some nerf guns, and a competitive spirit to win this IRL version of Fortnite. Which is super cool! Why just play Fortnite on PC or console when you can play in real life!

Supply Drop Bags

from Catch My Party.

Grab some blue sacks from Walmart, a sharpie, some stickers and a balloon to make these super cute Fortnite Supply Drop Bags. They can double as bags for Piñata candy. You can also snag the bags here. I think these are my favorite Fornite party favors by far.

Fortnite cake and Fortnite party bags

Tomato Skin Costume

from Desert Chica.

If your child likes to dress up, this DIY Tomato Skin Fortnite Costume may just be the coolest thing around!

Fortnite Birthday Decorations and Favors

Llama Pinata

from Amazon (affiliate).

Turn a regular boring Piñata into a Loot Llama Pinata. Then, make sure you snag the Fortnite Piñata Fillers here.

fornite llama pinata

Fortnite Wristbands

via Amazon.

These Fortnite Wristbands make a great Fortnite party favors as well.  There are a lot of different variations to choose from and they are super reasonably priced. Plus, they work great in the Piñata.

Fortnite Wrist Bands

Homemade Fornite Location Signs

from Derby Lane Dreams.

Fortnite Location Signs are a must-have at any party!  In fact, I want these in my backyard all the time! These are my favorite Fortnite birthday decorations so far. The Piñata is cute, but I still think these are fun.

More Fortnite Party Ideas for kids

Fortnite Party Balloons

via Amazon.

Add a pop of color to the party with these Fortnite Balloons (we also suggest snagging a helium tank too!)

Fortnite Slurp Slime

via Simplistically Living

These adorable mini Fortnite Slurp Slime’s are perfect party favors or make a great craft to make at the party.  Making Fortnite Slime is a great kids activity as well. They may be called slurp slime, but they’re not edible. Just slimy gooey fun!

Fortnite Slurp Slime

Fortnite Chug Jug Slime

from Kids Activities Blog.

Make Fortnite Chug Jug Slime at the party or as favors to take home to continue the Fortnite fun and games. Same with this! This Fortnite party favor is not edible despite it saying chug, but it would be super cute to put in the Piñata.

Fortnite Chug Jug Slime

Looking for more fun party ideas? 

Here at Kids Activities Blog we love to throw a good party and have ALL the ideas!

Fortnite Party Ideas

Here are some of our other favorite party themes for kids:


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