There are some kids who just seem to be born with an innate ability to take care of themselves.

dance recital girl says no video - Kids Activities Blog
When things don’t go as planned…

There’s something inside of them that demands respect almost from the get go and they absolutely refuse to settle for anything else.

This little girl is Definitely one of those kids.

During a choreographed dance recital, the boy in the middle spins one girl…

screenshot from dance recital video with one partnership starting to dance
Grab your partner…

…then reaches to spin the other.

screenshot from little girl dance recital video - dancing together
Dancing together is so much fun.

Only, the first little girl is NOT okay with sharing her dance partner…even if it was choreographed.

I’m not sure if she was as persnickety during the rehearsals as she was on stage, but let’s just say there was no Way she was going to let him dance with her again after he danced with another!

little girl at dance recital refusing to dance with partner - screenshot from video
I think the answer might be no.

The funniest part is how far she takes her refusal.

And the boy.

Oh, that poor boy.

You can see that he’s just trying to get her to do what they rehearsed, but he’s NOT on the winning end of this argument, and everyone in the audience knows it!

Take a look!

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How cute was this dance video of a little girl refusing to dance with a boy?

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