Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun at a safe distance, and a neighborhood dance party seems like just the thing! This 5-minute neighborhood “Dance from a Distance” dance party idea started with just a few friends in a Colorado Springs neighborhood and is spreading all over, in a good way.  Just pick one song, head out onto your front porch or into your driveway or front yard, and dance away!  Just don’t forget to keep your distance. Tonight’s dance party will features the song Happy by Pharrell, made famous in the Minions movie.  Organizers of the neighborhood dance party partnered with six local radio stations who are supporting the idea by agreeing to play the song at a specific time for all their listeners to dance to. Even more fun, organizers are encouraging dancers to take pictures, videos and tag #dancingfromadistance on social media to see dance parties all over the country.   Want to start one of your own?  It’s simple!  Choose a date, a time, and a song, then reach out to your neighbors on Facebook and Nextdoor to get started.  Organizers say it’s a fun way to feel a social connection with your neighbors and just let it all go for a few minutes. Want to join in tonight?  Tune into Pharrell’s Happy at 6pm and take some photos of all your fun.


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