There are some videos that you watch and think, “That’s definitely not real.” And then there are some that you watch and think, “That’s probably not real, but BOY do I want to try it!” This video is the second. I really don’t think it’s real, but I don’t care because it’s stinkin’ cool. Plus? Now I want to try it. I just need to see if this really happens! I need to know if you can pour water on a dry erase figure and make it dance. Because if you can? Coolest. Party. Trick. Ever. Take a look! Like I said, I really don’t think this is real, but I also can’t wait to try it. I think I’m going to show this to my kids and then break out the markers and see if we can make this happen for ourselves. I mean, that’s what science is all about, right? Hypothesis and experimentation? Hello, scientific method, I’m coming for YOU!

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