It’s been a few years since the first video of these Bhangra dancers went viral, and it looks like they are not stopping any time soon!

Honestly, the world needs them right now!

Bhangra Dancers are Happy Video - Kids Activities Blog
Dancing will make your feet happy…along with the rest of you.

What is Bhangra dance?

In a quick research trip through the internet I found the following information…ok, it was wikipedia, don’t judge me.

Bhangra is a traditional dance of India danced at the spring harvest festival in Baisakhi.  It is known for its vigorous movements including kicks, leaps and bends.  Usually Bhangra dance is accompanied by boliyan songs which tend to be short and lead by a double-headed drum called a dhol.

See, you are now smarter thanks to a source your teacher shuns.

This is one of my favorite Maritime Bhangra Group video.  They don the same colorful, happy clothes and plays more bright, cheerful music, and there is absolutely no way you can watch them without smiling.

Take a look!

Bhangra Dancers Will Make You Happy in this Video

Who are the Maritime Bhangra Dancers?

The Maritime Bhangra Group was started by a group of young individuals from HRM (Nova Scotia, Canada) area.

Since then, they’ve performed at festivals, universities, in dance-offs on television, and they’re continuing to take the internet by storm.

During a time when it seems like there’s nothing happy in the world, it’s no wonder these performers are making such a huge impact!

All I can say is the world needs them!

Thanks for being so amazing, guys!

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Let’a agree to have some fun today and channel the Bhangra dancers happiness into our lives!

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