Kids find the funniest things entertaining. Which is good. Because sometimes life would drive you completely insane if it weren’t for our kids there to make things more bearable. Like when the grocery store is super crowded, but you can send your older kids off to the four corners to help gather goods. Or when the dog really REALLY needs a bath, and the littles want to play in the sprinklers, so you do a two for one. Honestly, though, until I saw this video I didn’t think there was any way kids could make something like the sound of a car alarm fun. Not that it’s fun, fun, but watching these kids dancing to the sound of an alarm going of is pretty funny. Take a look! So yeah, we might not be able to control what goes on around us, but if kids can find a way to dance to a sound as awful as THAT, then surely we can manage to find humor in all the other little annoying things we have to face. Like I said, thank goodness for our kids!

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