My kids have been responsible for packing their own lunch boxes since Kindergarten.  It is a system that has worked well for our family because it has shifted the responsibility for school lunches from me to my boys. I am really excited about what I am sharing today.  This whole vegetarian lunch box ideas thing came about when MightyNest {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} send me a box of the most amazing lunch box containers and accessories. Vegetarian Lunch Box Ideas Kids Can Make - Kids Activities Blog Rhett, my 8 year old and I opened the MightyNest box of goodies and started brainstorming some lunch box ideas that he could make.  He is in charge and I am simply a sous chef! This arrangement has resulted in some strange lunches going to school in his lunch box.  In fact, his entire Kindergarten year, he put left-over oatmeal from breakfast in a thermos and that was his lunch! He has very distinct dislikes.  He doesn’t like bread, cheese or lunch meat.  Because I was raised vegetarian, we eat a lot of vegetarian dishes at home.  The other complication is that his class is peanut-free due to allergy issues.  So with all that information, here is what we came up with…

5 Vegetarian Lunch Box Ideas Kids Can Make

Black Bean Tortilla Rolls Lunch Box {Monday} We live in Texas so adding a Tex-Mex flavor to anything is embraced.  This lunch is packaged in MightyNest’s Stainless Steel Food Container w/ Divider {the divider is removable} and the salsa is in a Lunchbots Dips Condiment Container. This lunch consists of:
  • Tortilla spread with spicy canned  black beans {kids who like cheese could add that}
  • Fresh salsa for dipping
  • Carrot sticks & sugar snap peas
Yogurt Buffet Lunch Box {Tuesday} Rhett loves deconstructed food that he can mix and match once he gets to school.  This is an easy lunch that he can customize at mealtime.  It is packed with MightyNest’s Funtainer Food Jar by Thermos, two Wean Tubs, and Rhett’s favorite thing that was sent – the spoon from the Bamboo RePEaT Utensil Set.  <—this may be the only reason he is excited to go to school! To make this lunch box idea:
  • Favorite yogurt goes in the Thermos container – Rhett’s is plain vanilla.
  • Granola
  • Fruit – We cubed mangoes which is one of his favorites.
Lunch Box Tip:  When using any double-walled container, prime it either hot or cold to keep food that temperature.  For hot, I put boiling water in it for a few minutes before adding the food {in Rhett’s case, usually oatmeal}.  For cold, I put ice cubes and a little cold water to sit while we prepare the food.
Week of Vegetarian Lunch Box Ideas Kids Can Make Breakfast for Lunch Box Idea {Wednesday} OK, so many would say Tuesday was also breakfast-for-lunch, but we just love our breakfast!  And it seems easier to add fruit to anything with a taste of breakfast.  This lunch box contains MightyNest’s Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bags, the medium size container from the Nesting Trio, and another one of those cute little Lunchbots. Lunch idea for kids:
  • Left-over french toast sliced into strips – For some reason, Rhett won’t eat bread, but he likes french toast!
  • Sun butter & maple syrup dip – I just mix the two until it is the consistency that would allow dipping.
  • Strawberries
Lunch Box Tip:  If your child prefers sliced strawberries, try having them place it into the cradle of an egg slicer and pushing gently down on the wire grid top.  It is a non-knife way to get perfect strawberry slices quickly. DIY Pizza for Lunch Box {Thursday}
Our second favorite thing next to breakfast is pizza, so it is only natural that it should appear in the lunch box!  We packed this one with MightyNest’s Double Decker Lunchbag’s interior container by Wildkin, two of the Wean Tubs, and another of those handy Lunchbot Dips. Create this lunchbox idea:
  • Pizza sauce
  • Bread sticks
  • Olives
  • Fresh mozzarella – OK, I added this because I want to eat it this way, but Rhett will omit it for his lunch.  
Hummus Buffet Lunch Box {Friday} Hummus is such an easy protein solution!  And we love all the different flavors that are readily available in our local grocery store.  MightyNest’s Nesting Trio is all we needed to pack this lunch. Pack this lunchbox:
  • Hummus
  • Pita bread cut into triangles
  • Tomatoes {or other veggies perfect for dipping in hummus}
Lunch Box Tip:  When kids are making their own food, be sure to have a pizza cutter handy.  They will safely slice through almost any food just like they do pizza.  We use it for creating the french toast strips, making pita triangles or even cutting a sandwich!
Thanks to MightyNest for sponsoring Kids Activities and inspiring us to come up with some new lunch ideas that are well-packed! These toddler lunch ideas are perfect for picky eaters!    

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  1. These are wonderful ideas, thank you!!! I just took these ideas & plugged them into a calendar. With 2 kids in school, I really need to start meal planning in order to feed everyone healthy meals.