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Once the new semester begins, my kiddo starts to complain about his school lunch. It’s boring. He’s tired of the same old things. Can’t we get something different? Well, mama’s got the solution, thanks to Yummy Dino Buddies. These dinosaur-shaped chicken breast nuggets can liven up even the most boring meal, so I decided to surprise my son with a fun Dinosaur Bento Lunch. Dinosaur Bento Lunch The second best thing about this lunch — because the BEST thing is the Yummy Dino Buddies nuggets, obviously — are the printable lunchbox notes with the best dinosaur jokes for kids. They’ll have your kid laughing through lunch with their friends. And that’s definitely not boring. Yummy Dino Buddies aren’t just fun and delicious, they’re also nutritious. They’re made with boneless, skinless white chicken breast meat and are packed with protein and Omega-3. That’s why they’ve been a family favorite since 1998. Yummy Dino Buddies I wanted to feature these fun nuggets in a way that invited my kiddo to play with his food, so our Dinosaur Bento Lunch became a creative scene for his imagination to run wild. How to Make a Dinosaur Bento Box Here are the ingredients we used in our Dinosaur Bento Lunch:
  • Yummy Dino Buddies chicken breast nuggets
  • Pretzel rod
  • Chopped celery
  • Sliced green apples
  • Carrot slices
  • Granola
And here are the Bento supplies we used to take our lunch to the next level:
  • Adjustable Bento box
  • Dinosaur food picks
  • Shovel spoon

Dinosaur Bento Lunch

The first step in creating our dino-themed Bento box was cooking our star ingredient — Yummy Dino Buddies. Luckily, they are super simple to make and can be ready in minutes. Then, we prepared the other items. I chopped the celery, sliced the apple, cut the pretzel rod to fit inside our container, and cut the carrot slices to look like dinosaur footprints. Assembling the dinosaur Bento box was easy — the chopped celery became grass for the dinos to stand on. The pretzel rod became the trunk of a tree. The apple slices were the tree’s top. The carrots went into a small container with some fun dinosaur shaped food picks. And lastly, the granola went into one of the sections for a dino dig site, complete with a shovel spoon. The final touch was a few of our dinosaur joke lunchbox notes. Yummy Dino Buddies Chicken Nuggets Andy was so excited when he opened his lunch at school! His favorite part? Yummy Dino Buddies, of course. Dinosaur Jokes Notes Also the jokes. Because, well, he’s an eight-year-old boy. Dino Buddies Bento Box Find Yummy Dino Buddies at your local grocery store — we can’t wait to see how much your kids love them, too! Be sure to follow Yummy Dino Buddies on FacebookFacebook and Instagram for more fun ideas. Check out these lunch box ideas too! Check out this printable kids joke book!

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  1. How do you stop the apple slices going brown? I’ve tried so many different things including lemon juice but not managed it.

    1. Hi, Nina! Yes, the lemon juice trick is one way to stop apples browning, but another thing I do is sprinkle cinnamon on sliced apples in my daughter’s lunch, and I try to keep as much of the whites of the apples covered (face down etc) in the container. It helps a little!