One thing that unites us all is the desire to have less stressful morning routine with kids! Weekday mornings can be hectic, and turn you from “fun mom” into “I have no more patience, so please just put on your shoes already” mom. Don’t worry… you’re not alone, and we’ve got you covered with some kids’ morning routine hacks to start your day the right way! 

How To Have a Less Stressful Morning Routine With Kids! - mom helping daughter with hair while she does homework at a desk
How do morning routines GET so stressful??!

How to Have a Less Stressful Morning Routine 

If you want a less stressful morning, get everything ready the night before. I know it’s the last thing anyone really wants to do once they are settled in with family for the night, but it can really make or break your organization.

1. Declutter Your Home

In Your Modern Family‘s Declutter Course, a sample schedule is offered. It walks you through why you need to get ready before bed. Those few things, like having lunches packed, outfits and toothbrushes set out, makes all the difference. Ten minutes in the morning is the difference between getting to school on time or checking that ‘Tardy’ box on the check-in sheet. Let along the stress and aggravation of running behind.

That is definitely not a fun way for parents or kids to start their day!

Tips For a Less Stressful Morning With Kids - wake up less stressed in decluttered environment - woman waking up in clean room
I want my home to feel like one of those fancy hotels because it has no clutter!

2. Wake Before Your Kids

This year, I went from night owl to early bird and it has been amazing. I aim for waking up 20 minutes before my kids do, and the change in my energy levels amazes me!

I’m able to make all of our beds beds, help my kids get ready, and get them out of the door without a moment’s pause. This is so much better than dragging my feet for 30 minutes, trying to wake up, and waiting on coffee, while they drag their feet.

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Tips For a Less Stressful Morning With Kids - enjoy the little things like your morning coffee - coffee cup with heart
I absolutely heart my morning coffee moments!

3. But First, Coffee…

I was not a coffee girl. Never. I have learned to love it. It doesn’t hurt that I found a coffee that’s basically the best coffee in the world! It’s not only delicious, but really helps my mood, and has ingredients that are good for me, allowing me to start my day with plenty of energy.

I also use a coffee creamer that I love, and a disposable cup so I can take it from room to room. This helps me kick up my pace just a bit in the morning.

Hint: get it ready the night before, so you just have to hit “on” in the morning.

Tips For a Less Stressful Morning With Kids eat a good breakfast - girl eating breakfast
Don’t forget the most important meal of the day!

4. Don’t Forget a Good Breakfast

Clean eating is huge for energy. If you are feeling drained, eating something healthy can be the difference between a pick-me-up and a slow-down. Try having a piece of fruit or some protein when you wake up. 

Tips For a Less Stressful Morning With Kids stop worrying - happy woman with two small children playing
Let’s play!

5. Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

The kids move quicker when I am happier. I don’t know why, but I don’t mess with it. I go with what works. If I am smiling and happy to see them, they are smiling and happy to get ready. If I am nagging and fussing at them, they are whining and sluggish. Plus, starting a day with mom upset means morning anxiety for the kids and really the entire family. No one will have a good day because those feelings of stress will linger.

One little trick that works well with our kids is that when they are completely ready to go, they can watch TV for 5 minutes. (Save it for the end of the morning, when shoes and backpacks are on). Everyone will rush to get ready then, haha!

6. Positive Affirmations

Instead of nagging and chaos in the morning, switch to positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are a great way to give everyone motivation and reduce stress levels. And the more younger kids and older kids hear these positive messages, the more it will stick with them making mornings just a little bit easier.

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How do you keep your morning routine from stressing you out?  Please leave a comment below!

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  1. I’m concerned with your suggestion to use disposable cups in your own home. It seems so needless and wasteful.