When you’re part of a family sometimes you have to make sacrifices. As parents, we’re used to that. We do everything we can for our children because they are ours and we want them to succeed and be happy and healthy. But sometimes siblings go all-in, too. These twin sisters have done everything for each other from the moment they were born. Well, at least from the moment they could conceivable take care of each other. When one needed something, the other stepped up to make it happen. And vice versa. So when Rachel went to college, Melissa did everything she could to help her sister graduate. Including riding a bike rather than getting her own car…so they could save money. Well, when Rachel graduated and got her first job, she knew she had to pay her sister back in a big way – and she did…by giving her the car of her dreams with her very first paycheck. Take a look!

These sisters both know what it means to sacrifice, and love. And watching the surprise on Melissa’s face at realizing what Rachel did for her…well, that definitely makes every single bit of sacrifice on both of their parts worth it.

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