Moms Panics After Finding A Mysterious Red Substance All Over Her Kitchen Floor [Video]

One of the most dangerous things is when there is silence and your toddler is nowhere to be found.

Toddlers are curious creatures and they tend to always find a way to get in trouble.

With that being said, one mom nearly had a heart attack after she walked into her kitchen to find this scene:

Mom Kali, walked into the kitchen to find what looked like a crime scene with blood smeared across the floor.

After almost having a ‘heart attack’, she realized that her toddler son wasn’t crying or screaming so she needed to figure out where he was and what was happening.

She screamed his name in terror and he came running up to her holding a bottle of red food dye lol!

Fortunately, it was just red food dye but I really, really, hope she was able to get it off of everything!

Moral of the story – always keep your food dye up and away from toddlers ha!

You can watch the video below.

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