Boy mamas be ready to have your hearts explode with joy! Experts Say ‘Mama’s Boys’ Are Happier and More Successful and as a boy mom myself, I couldn’t be happier to read the news!

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That’s mom’s boy!

Mamas Boys

As my boys have grown up, I have worried about them becoming ‘mama’s boys’ in fear it wouldn’t allow them to become strong, independent men one day.

I have also feared the derogatory comments and opinions associated with the relationships I have with my boys. After all, most “mama’s boys” are seen as weak, from being “coddled”. 

Mama Boy Reputation

Don’t get me wrong – I want strong and close relationships with both of my boys but I also want to know it does them some good later on in life. The last thing I want to do is hinder any sort of success for them throughout their life.

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Research into Mama’s Boys

After reading several studies, I now know that my fears can be put to rest and yours can too if you are a boy mom!

In 2012, a study conducted by Harvard University, known as The Grant Study, looked at personality changes through the years between individuals. What they found was that men who’s relationships with their mothers were close not only performed better at work and school, but also earned more money as a result. We are talking about $80,000 more! (Source)

Mama's boys - mom and baby

Mommas Boys are Healthier

In addition, the study found the men also managed to keep Alzheimer’s and dementia under control as the men grew older.

Another study published in Child Development involved almost 6,000 children and found that baby boys who do not form strong attachments to their mothers grew up to be more aggressive and destructive children. In addition, they became anxious little boys who carried a fear of intimacy and betrayal into their adult years, says Dr. Michael Kimmel, a sociologist who has written extensively about masculinity. This was due to having the first woman in their lives, push them away.

Studies on Mama Boys - Kids Activities Blog - mom and son hugging

Mama’s Boys are More Independent

And if all of that didn’t convince you, another study presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association followed 426 middle-school boys in New York City public schools and what they found was that boys who were closer to their mothers were less likely to define masculinity as a matter of being tough, stoic and self-reliant. These boys had less anxiety, depression and had better grades overall. 

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Boys and Close Relationships with Others

The most interesting part though is that a boys close relationship with their fathers didn’t have the same effect!

So, the next time you are caught being close to your son and someone is quick to make a comment, tell them this. You might honestly surprise them.

mamas boys - mom and child

Boy moms unite!

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What do you think about the mamas boy research?

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  2. What about boys who just have the mother in their lives? Just a ungle as the only male figure in their lives?