When you have a baby, it’s hard to tell what they’re going to eat and what they’re going to spit back out. Especially after they start eating solids. Apparently it’s the same thing in the possum world. When this family found a baby possum, they decided to rescue it and raise it as their own. Somewhere between a dog and a cat, this baby possum wears dresses, gets cuddles, is held like a little baby, and loves her snacks. Well, most of her snacks. Now that she’s eating foods that aren’t just baby formula, this little one is trying all the things…only, there’s at least one thing she really doesn’t like…and she’s not even a little bit hesitant in letting her family know as much. Take a look! Turns out this little baby feels the same way about carrots as my dad, and it’s hilarious to see her reaction. I’ve got a dog who does the same exact thing every time I try to give her apple slices. She always wants one, mind, but once she tastes it, out it comes. Definitely not her favorite snack. From the looks of things this little baby isn’t going to starve to death anytime soon, so I suppose there are worse things to hate than carrots.

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